Blair Cemetery Burials in Washington County, Nebraska

The following is a database of almost all burials in the Blair Cemetery through the middle of 2015. Updated records are forthcoming.

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Year of Birth: Year of Death:

Fischer, Anna E.12/29/1958Block: 115 Lot: 30 Space: 7Kinnison
Fischer, Betty5/27/19285/27/1928Block: 93 Lot: 2 Space: 1
Fischer, Ernest F.2/6/1982Block: 115 Lot: 30 Space: 8Campbell
Fischer, Esther L.3/22/19328/20/2010Block: 111 Lot: 13 Space: 4
Brockhouse Funeral Home, Creighton NE
Fischer, Eugene A8/18/19182/8/2007Block: 115 Lot: 30 Space: 2FAMILY
West End
Fischer, Frank11/28/1957Block: 103 Lot: 2 Space: 4Kinnison
Fischer, Jessie1/10/1990Block: 103 Lot: 2 Space: 5Campbell Aman
Fischer, Johannes Evald8/13/1950Block: 93 Lot: 2 Space: 2Kinnison
Fischer, Maria7/4/1984Block: 93 Lot: 2 Space: 3Campbell
Fischer, Richard2/1/1919Block: 93 Lot: 2 Space: 3