Blair Cemetery Burials in Washington County, Nebraska

The following is a database of almost all burials in the Blair Cemetery through the middle of 2015. Updated records are forthcoming.

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Year of Birth: Year of Death:

Fitch, Bernard D.2/8/193411/4/2012Block: 106 Lot: 14 Space: 5Campbell
Fitch, Gladys Gilliam6/16/191212/24/1954Block: 92 Lot: 10 Space: 2Campbell
Fitch, Henrietta11/14/190611/1/1996Block: 117 Lot: 16 Space: 4Campbell Aman
Fitch, John R.10/19/19038/22/1973Block: 117 Lot: 16 Space: 3Campbell
Fitch, Joyce Ann2/15/19381/8/2007Block: 106 Lot: 14 Space: 6Campbell
In grave space 6 that has Edwin Tull memorial marker.
Fitchhorn, Glen D.1/1/190011/1/1936Block: 66 Lot: 11 Space: 10Missouri Valley
Fitchhorn, Glen S11/26/19294/30/2004Block: 110 Lot: 7 Space: 7Campbell
Fitchhorn, John V.8/31/19311/16/1993Block: 105 Lot: 3 Space: 12Campbell Aman