Blair Cemetery Burials in Washington County, Nebraska

The following is a database of almost all burials in the Blair Cemetery through the middle of 2015. Updated records are forthcoming.

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Last Name: First Name:
Year of Birth: Year of Death:

Flynn, W. Eugene9/9/192611/7/2013Block: 62 Lot: 6 Space: 12Campbell Aman
Flynn, Adrian C.7/12/19215/31/2005Block: 67 Lot: 24 Space: 3Campbell
Flynn, Betty5/29/192812/8/1999Block: 109 Lot: 2 Space: 2FAMILY
west end
Flynn, Billie Jean2/6/19269/3/2014Block: 67 Lot: 24 Space: 4Campbell
Flynn, Esther L.10/12/19097/16/1994Block: 109 Lot: 2 Space: 7Campbell Aman
Flynn, Philip T2/6/1911Block: 109 Lot: 2 Space: 5Kinnison
west end
Flynn, Richard H.3/1/19091/31/1995Block: 109 Lot: 2 Space: 8Campbell Aman
Flynn, Richard P. Sr.7/8/1969Block: 109 Lot: 2 Space: 4Campbell
in spaces 4 & 5
Flynn, Robert K.9/3/19152/15/1943Block: 109 Lot: 2 Space: 6Campbell
Flynn, Ruth Hester2/16/1983Block: 109 Lot: 2 Space: 3Campbell
Flynn, Thomas L.11/7/19191/17/2006Block: 109 Lot: 2 Space: 2FAMILY
east end