Burials (excluding Blair) in Washington County, Nebraska

The following is a database of all burials in Washington County except Blair through the end of 2011. Updated records are forthcoming.

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Brodersen, Charles C.12/15/19148/3/1985Herman CemeteryPlot 35
2nd Lt. US Army WWII wife: Marian M.'
Brodersen, Christian H.12/4/18298/23/1893Thone Cemetery/New York CreekSection 1 Row 2
Brodersen, Frank D.9/21/189012/2/1946Herman CemeteryPlot 18
Brodersen, Harriet Ruth6/25/19191/12/1923New England Cemetery
dau James C & Sadie Brodersen
Brodersen, James C//1875//1945New England Cemetery
Brodersen, Malcolm8//191612//1980New England Cemetery
Brodersen, Marian M12/20/1912//Herman CemeteryPlot 35
no death date
Brodersen, Mary A.4/21/18953/13/1991Herman CemeteryPlot 18
Amer. Legion Aux. marker
Brodersen, Norma A.1/1/191111/21/1993Herman CemeteryPlot 35
mar. Nov 11 1938'
Brodersen, Pearl A.2/7/19271/17/1993Herman CemeteryPlot 35
mar. May 23 1948 Robert J. Brodersen vit'
Brodersen, Riley W.2/13/19131/24/1986Herman CemeteryPlot 35
Brodersen, Robert J5/27/1921//Herman CemeteryPlot 35
no death date
Brodersen, Sadie//1888//1973New England Cemetery
Brodersen, Stella C4/8/18792/8/1907New England Cemetery
wife James C Brodersen