Burials (excluding Blair) in Washington County, Nebraska

The following is a database of all burials in Washington County except Blair through the end of 2011. Updated records are forthcoming.

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Hovendick, Amelia Fitch8/27/18923/14/1972Herman CemeteryPlot 20
Hovendick, Anna Louise6/16/18986/23/1939Herman CemeteryPlot 7
Hovendick, baby////Herman CemeteryPlot 10
no dates
Hovendick, C. Vernon1/28/1910//Herman CemeteryPlot 23
no death date
Hovendick, Charles A2/18/18809/2/1967Herman CemeteryPlot 10
Hovendick, Chester L4/10/190812/30/1997Herman CemeteryPlot 28
Hovendick, Cora E4/15/189311/6/1985Herman CemeteryPlot 10
wife of Fred H
Hovendick, Dorothy M3/18/191010/23/1986Herman CemeteryPlot 28
Hovendick, Edward J7/18/18944/10/1972Herman CemeteryPlot 7
Hovendick, Elorah E7/28/187410/28/1961Herman CemeteryPlot 10
wife of Chas A.
Hovendick, Elta E//1867//1951Herman CemeteryPlot 10
Hovendick, Eva A3/18/18746/11/1942Herman CemeteryPlot 10
Hovendick, Fred H12/3/18949/6/1982Herman CemeteryPlot 10
Hovendick, Harold L.3/8/19511/15/1978Herman CemeteryPlot 47
Vietnam vet
Hovendick, Henry G2/21/18617/27/1954Herman CemeteryPlot 10
Hovendick, Herman G//1869//1942Herman CemeteryPlot 10
Hovendick, Lester F.5/4/19039/27/1981Herman CemeteryPlot 28
Hovendick, Mabel S.6/8/19055/21/1997Herman CemeteryPlot 28
Hovendick, Marjorie O7/13/19112/19/1999Herman CemeteryPlot 23
wife of C. Vernon Hovendick
Hovendick, Roland C.5/15/1918//Herman CemeteryPlot 47
no death date
Hovendick, Ruby A.12/20/1926//Herman CemeteryPlot 47
no death date