Cuming City Cemetery, Washington County, Nebraska

The first burials in the Cuming City Cemetery were in the years 1855 and 1856. George Kline was one of the early burials and Marvin Kline, one of the more recent in May 1974. The cemetery lies just west of Highway 75 and north of Blair. It is very near to where the town of Cuming City stood. In 1884, a cemetery association was started.

The Cuming City Cemetery, a tract of tall grass prairie, is now part of the Nature Conservancy, a national organization concerned with the preservation of natural areas. The following is taken from The Dana Review: Fall 1976: "Located two miles north of Blair on a windswept hill overlooking the Missouri River valley, the 11-acre pioneer cemetery was administered for more than a century by a board whose most recent chairman has been Richard J. Lippincott, a descendant of Cuming City settlers. Several years ago, Lippincott, board secretary Raymond Wilson, and other board members decided to seek assistance in protecting the tract as one of the few remaining stands of prairie grasses in eastern Nebraska. An Eastern Nebraska Nature Conservancy Committee was formed, with Gene Solomon? of the Soil and Water Conservation Service as chairman (succeeded by Professor George Grube)? last December the Conservancy transferred it to Dana, with the restrictive covenant that the tract be preserved in perpetuity? Grube sees it as an outdoor laboratory, a place 'where bioligists or botanists may become familiar with native upland prairie plants of the tall grass biome; where history buffs may get a glimpse of the local environment of pre-pioneer days; where anyone can enjoy a bit of nostalgia.' Grube adds that 'the few remaining virgin prairie tracts may serve the future as sources of seeds of plants whose values remain to be discovered. In good season they present a continually changing display of wild flowers, a few of which have been lost to the onslaught of civilization in other environments.' The site, which has a wrought-iron entrance gate with 'Cuming City Cemetery' across its arch, is the only evidence that a community once thrived in the neighborhood."

Washington County atlases show a cemetery located about a half mile south and slightly west of the Cuming City Cemetery. There is, however, no evidence of any stones or markers, and investigation by the family of the present landowners has yielded only Indian arrowheads and other indications that it may have been an Indian burial ground.

The cemetery itself sits on a high hill, and not easily reached except by walking.

There are 69 graves in this cemetery according to this sites burial records.

Larry or Julie Smith
14068 County Road 14
Blair, NE 68008

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  • Approximately 2 miles north of Blair, at the intersection of Highway 75 and CR-14, take CR-14 0.2 miles west. Cuming City Cemetery will be south of the road.

    NW 1/4 SW 1/4 of 27 Township 19 (Cuming City) Range 11E, Washington County

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