Arlington Cemetery, Washington County, Nebraska

On October 12, 1888, the Village Board bought 6-1/2 acres of land at $100 per acre for a cemetery from S.A. Francis. The ground was surveyed, platted, and 102 trees, at 40 cents per tree, were set out. The committee recommended that posts be set outside of the cemetery at once to afford a place to tie teams without driving inside. In 1894, the Board spent $152.80 for a cemetery building and a pump. Mr. L.F. Gilfry was paid $2.50 for each grave he dug, filled, and cared for. Several times the Board had to advertise that if the lots were not paid for the bodies would be dug up and the remains deposited in the Potter's Field. There was at least one person moved to that section of the cemetery (The Arlington Centennial Book "The Changing Face and Faces of Arlington, Nebraska", p. 41)

A lot, 24' x 24', enough space for 12 graves, sold for $20 in 1900. This price included perpetual care. The cost of a lot in 1980 was $600. The charge for digging and filling a grave was $125. The care of the cemetery still falls under the jurisdiction of the Village Board, however, there is a cemetery board.

There are 1509 graves in this cemetery according to this sites burial records.

Eugene Gnuse
820 N Poplar Drive
Arlington, NE 68002

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  • From the intersection of CR-P11 and Highway 30, Arlington Cemetery is approximately 0.5 miles north at the end of the road.

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