German Cemetery, Washington County, Nebraska

Also known as Schlesvig-Holstein Verein's Cemetery. The German Cemetery is located in the heart of a German settlement and near the site of the old German Hall, known to many as the "Old Dutch Hall". The early settlers soon found they needed a burial ground, so they met at the German Hall on September 5, 1882. Henry Schneider was named the chairman of the day, and the following officers were elected: Claus Lamp, President; Rudolph Peters, Secretary; and George Ohrt, Treasurer. On motion, the society agreed to buy four acres from Claus Lamp who was given $200 in cash, and he agreed to give a clear deed and have it recorded in the office of the County Clerk, Blair, Nebraska.

At the meeting June 21, 1885 the German Cemetery Association adopted their by-laws. They stated: "The meetings shall be conducted in the German Language and at burials there shall be no differences or acception (exception) as to Language, Religion or Race, as long as they pay the dues."

The cemetery was surveyed and laid out by Surveyor Kline. The Association started with 24 members, each getting 2 lots in their names which are recorded in Proctocal by the Secretary. The size of the Lot is 20' by 20' and the price is $10.00 a lot. Block 19 is for single graves at $2.00 each grave and the single graves have to be one foot apart.

Many of the records are in German, so not everyone can understand what took place at the early meetings. They were to hold their meetings in the Schleswig Holstein Hall with the consent of the "Schleswig Holstein Verein." The annual dues were $1.00 per lot when started. In 1910 the president was Heinrich Wulf.

There are 870 graves in this cemetery according to this sites burial records.

Ronald Wulf
14991 County Road 36
Kennard, NE 68034

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  • From the intersection of Dutch Hall Road and Highway 133, drive west for 2.1 miles. German Cemetery is located 1.5 miles north of the intersection of Dutch Hall Road and CR-33 on the west side of the road.

    Richland Township: 1/2 mile south of County Road 38 on County Road 33

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