Obituary Record

Thomas C (Doctor) Sexton
Died on 7/28/1943

#1-Pilot 29 July 1943

(Civil War Veteran)

Dies on Eve of His 100th Birthday

Sexton, Doctor, at Fontanelle Over 70 Years Ago, Dies In Fremont

Slightly more than three weeks before he would have observed his 100th birthday anniversary, Dr. Thomas C. Sexton, early Fontanelle physician, died yesterday at his home in Fremont following a heart attack.

He was the only confederate veteran of the Civil war remaining in Nebraska, and had been in comparatively good health until the time of his death.

Born in southwest Virginia, he served with Stonewall Jackson’s famous brigade until wounded, when he was transferred to the quartermaster corps. Completing a medical course after the war, Dr. Sexton came to Fremont in July, 1868, but within a short time moved to Fontanelle, where he practiced among the pioneer families for 20 years before returning to Fremont. He retired some 20 years ago.

Dr. Sexton kept abreast of current affairs, and occasionally wrote letters to The Pilot-Tribune recalling interesting bits of Washington county history or discussing topics of the day.

Funeral services are being held this afternoon. Two daughters survive him.

#2-29 July, 1943 - The Enterprise


Practiced Medicine In Fontanelle For Twenty Years


Dr. Thomas C. Sexton, who would have been 100 years old next August 24, died of a heart attack Wednesday morning at his home in Fremont. The city’s oldest resident, he first came to Fremont in 1868, later moving to Fontanelle where he practiced medicine for twenty years.

The only Confederate veteran of the Civil War in Nebraska, Dr. Sexton had been in comparatively good health up until the time of his death, and was able to carry on his business affairs as usual. He retired from active practice about 50 years ago.

Dr. Sexton was born in southwest Virginia on August 24, 1843. He was 18 when the war between the states broke out, and he joined the Fourth Virginia regiment, a unit of the famous Stonewall brigade commanded by Stonewall Jackson. The young soldier saw action in several battles and was wounded in the Seven Days battle with McClellan below Richmond and Chancellorsville.

After several months in the hospital, he was assigned to the quartermaster corps where he served until the end of the war.

After finishing medical training, Dr. Sexton and another young doctor moved west, arriving in Fremont in July of 1868. At that time Fremont had a population of 200 to 300 permanent residents, plus a large number of transients employed in building the Union Pacific railroad. After a short time in Fremont, he moved to Fontanelle two decades, then moved back to Fremont.

Despite advancing years, Dr. Sexton maintained a great interest in current events, closely following newspapers; papers of Fremont often relied on him for dates beyond their recall.

~~~ Obituary courtesy of the Washington County Genealogical Society. Newspaper clippings on file in the Blair Public Library at Blair, Nebraska.~~~

Printed in the Washington County Pilot-Tribune on 7/29/1943