Obituary Record

John Arp
Died on 9/15/1911
Buried in German Cemetery


Friday evening at 5 o’clock, neighbors in the vicinity of the farm home of Henry Arp, one mile southwest of town, were shocked at the news that John Arp, a son, had been accidentally shot and killed by his own gun while hunting.

The boy, who was about 19 years old, had evidently seen some animal while hauling manure as he tied his team and went to the house and got his gun and in his haste to get the game he was pursuing, he crawled through the fence and pulled the gun after him, resulting in his accidental discharge, his body being found in a position which warrants the above conclusion.

Later, his mother noticed the team at the barn but saw nothing o0f her son and, alarmed at his absence, started a search and soon one of the children discovered his body on the ground near the fence and running to him was horrified to see the entire left side of his face blown away. Death was instantaneous.

Coroner Pierce was at once notified and took charge of the body.

The dead boy is son of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Arp, well-to-do farmers of near Kennard and in their bereavement they have the sympathy of many friends.

The funeral was held Sunday afternoon and the body was taken to Bennington for interment. Rev. Mr. Ahrd of the Bennington church had charge of the services.

The exact date of death was not listed.

A different article lists Arlington as the place of interment.

Printed in the Kennard Enterprise on 9/15/1911