Obituary Record

Vivian Ash
Died on 6/17/1914
Buried in Blair Cemetery

Another sad auto accident occurred last Wednesday evening that affected Blair people, though the accident occurred at what is known as the Sarpy crossing, near Millard, a suburb of Omaha. It was about midnight and it had started to rain and the side curtains were up. One train had just passed and the driver, C.H. Bair, thought the track was clear. A passenger train running 60 miles an hour struck the car and smashed it into kindling wood, killing the driver and three other occupants, Mrs. Kenneth Thompson, Miss Vivian Ash and Oscar Krug. Mrs. Thompson was alive when picked up but died on the way to the hospital.

Kenneth has been manager of the Bee Hive for his father since Mr. Thompson bought out the Grand Island store, and his wife was working in the millinery department of the Burgess-Nash Co. They were planning to go to housekeeping in the Thompson house in a few weeks and a part of the furniture was being left here for them. Kenneth received word of the accident and went down on the morning train. The body was brought up Sunday morning and laid to rest in the Blair cemetery. The entire community extends heartfelt sympathy to the bereaved husband.

The actual date of death was not listed.

Printed in the Blair Pilot on 6/17/1914