Obituary Record

Asmus Asmussen
Died on 4/9/1911
Buried in Fort Calhoun Cemetery


Asmus Asmussen, who was buried in the Ft. Calhoun cemetery April 9, 1911, was born in Germany December 14, 1851, and came to America in April 1870.

In the early 70x he worked on the farm for the late Hans Rohwer, perhaps about three years. This writer often worked with him in the harvest and corn field and sat at the same table with him and thus began a friendship between us that lasted to his death.

After leaving Rohwer’s, he was married to Miss Rathjen and moved to a farm a few miles southwest, and a few years ago purchased a home on the next block east of us, where he died. We used to often meet him on the street and he always had a cheerful greeting for us. He was a close reader, but seldom expressed an opinion unless asked for it and was very careful to cast his vote at the elections as a citizen should.

He leaves his wife and an adopted son, Otto Asmussen of Kennard. He has one brother in Germany and one in Seattle.

The services were conducted by Rev. Ahrendt of Bennington. Pallbearers, John Noeller, Ude Teitzen, Tim Ohrt, John Hindrichsen, Hans Schwager and Nick Resen. The choir were Mrs. Joe Bolln, Mrs. Brenner, Miss Edith Seirk and Miss Lena Schwager, with Mrs. Wallie McMillan at the organ.

Among others present were J.J. Bruner, Claus Schwager and wife and Miss Mary Nichols of Omaha, Fritz Koepke and wife of Florence, Nels Truhlsen of Blair and so many others from various towns and surroundings that there was not half seating room in the Presbyterian church.

To their many friends, Mrs. Asmusen and surviving relatives return thanks for kindness and flowers.

The exact date of death was not listed.

Printed in the Tribune on 4/12/1911