Obituaries from Washington County, Nebraska.

The following are obituaries from the Washington County Genealogical Society archive in the Blair Public Library. There are thousands of area obituaries located in this archive.

Digitizing of these obituaries is an on going process.

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Total Obituaries: 17781

5/19/1994Gabby, Truman Albert
7/28/1990Gable, Ellen M.
3/21/2011Gable, Jean MarieObituary Source AvailableCemetery Info Available
8/28/2007Gable, Joseph A.
7/2/2009Gage, Clara Joan (Tietgen)Obituary Source AvailableCemetery Info Available
6/6/2000Gage, Elizabeth P (Mathiesen)
1/31/2006Gahan, Dewaine R
3/11/1992Gaines, Carson B
7/26/1968Gaines, Delbert
2/27/1985Gaines, Floyd Bruce "Bruce"
7/18/2008Gaines, Georgiana Grace (Gollehon)
10/31/2002Gaines, Gladys D (Wilson)
4/30/1999Gaines, Henry U (Bud)
6/11/1962Gaines, Larry (Air Force)Obituary Source Available
1/1/2999Gaines, Lillian L (Larson)
6/30/1911Gaines, Mabel EObituary Source AvailableCemetery Info Available
4/19/1927Gaines, Marietta (Compton)Obituary Source AvailableCemetery Info Available
6/25/1994Gaines, Marjorie Aten
2/9/1935Gaines, Mary Etta (Miller)Cemetery Info Available
11/21/1945Gaines, Newton WesleyObituary Source AvailableCemetery Info Available
2/23/1993Gaines, Pearl L (Rhoades)
10/15/2007Gaines, Tyler BObituary Source Available
4/27/1913Gaines, Wm. F. (Bill)Cemetery Info Available
2/14/1991Gallagher, Anna Mae "Mae" (Johnsen)
3/15/2006Gallagher, Dorothy (Sewart)Obituary Source Available
4/13/1986Gallagher, John Bernard
1/16/1993Gallagher, Ruth
5/15/2011Galloway, Neva J (Miller)Obituary Source Available
5/7/1989Gallup, Mary Elizabeth (Taylor)
6/7/1987Galvin, Alice Isabell (French)
12/1/1991Gamet, Allen G
6/14/1988Gammel, Alice (Wilson)
4/17/1918Gammel, MildredCemetery Info Available
12/18/2013Gammel, Thomas C
4/22/1981Gantt, Audrey
6/17/1973Ganzel, Dennis Allen
3/28/2005Garcia, Amanda EObituary Source Available
5/28/1981Gardiner, Emma M (Sick)
5/30/1989Gardipee, Modiste Edison
10/25/1893Gardner, Ada E
2/10/2005Gardner, Doris M
8/9/1903Gardner, Harry LObituary Source AvailableCemetery Info Available
7/21/2003Gardner, James S (Captain)Cemetery Info Available
1/2/1907Gardner, Joseph L
12/12/1918Gardner, Mrs. J. L.Obituary Source Available
12/11/1914Gardner, S. S. (Mrs.)
12/11/1918Gardner, Sarah (Loomis) (Mrs. J. L. Gardner)
5/15/1992Gardner, Weta M (Nonnamaker)
11/25/2005Garibay, Elena J
10/17/1918Garlow, Fred
10/17/1918Garlow, Irma
5/5/1991Garmong, Chad William
8/28/1980Garn, Marguerite
11/8/1923Garner, Aimee (Gochenouer)
5/23/1967Garner, Dora Frances (Dean)
8/26/1976Garner, Esther Frances (Cunningham) (Whitmus)Obituary Source AvailableCemetery Info Available
12/7/1972Garner, Freeman W
7/25/1998Garner, Gil G
1/8/1925Garner, J. T. (Mrs.) (Larsen)
6/28/2014Garner, Naomi B (Holmes) (Baker)Obituary Source AvailableCemetery Info Available
10/31/1978Garner, Nicholas GilfredObituary Source AvailableCemetery Info Available
4/19/1984Garner, Ruth
1/30/1974Garrison, Clara (Glasner)
2/4/1963Garrison, Jessie D.
12/30/2016Garrison, Sandra Lee (Detjens)Obituary Source Available
2/9/1941Garske, August F
10/10/1917Garske, Auguste Sophie Adolphine (Kotsch)Cemetery Info Available
4/3/1926Garske, Charles A
4/29/1965Garske, Johanna (Quist)
3/11/1949Garske, Reinhold Louis (Padjo)
4/26/2011Garule, Henry IIIObituary Source Available
10/23/2004Gaskill, LawrenceObituary Source Available
7/7/1960Gasser, Amanda
8/20/1936Gasser, Edna (Ingersley)
8/25/1968Gasser, Herman A
12/25/1997Gasser, Mildred (Antill) (Kundel)
12/22/1986Gasser, Tracy Johana KatrinaObituary Source AvailableCemetery Info Available
5/6/1963Gast, Carol
7/9/1990Gaston, Cecilia (Wesemann)
9/18/2005Gatewood, Rachel Marguerite (Anderson)
10/6/1993Gatewood, Robert A
1/4/2013Gatewood, Thorton Michael (Mick)Obituary Source Available
8/22/1980Gaul, Barbara (Kuhl)
8/15/2002Gaver, Carole Lois (Schlotfeld)
4/25/1992Gaver, Frieda Augusta (Moeller)
8/17/1986Gaver, Henry W
12/14/1992Gay, Henrietta (Drevsen)
6/19/1990Gaydou, Ruth (Ruby)
1/4/1911Gayhart, Nellie (Flinn)
3/18/1990Gayton, Irene (Brackett)
6/25/1990Gear, Mary (Thomsen)
1/28/1923Gearhard, Nancy (Connell)Obituary Source Available
6/23/1996Gearhart, Matthew
11/11/1916Geary, Daniel
11/18/1926Geary, Eliza (Bosworth)
9/5/1907Geary, Eliza (Warwick) (Mrs. George)Cemetery Info Available
9/10/1950Geary, Ernest C
6/21/1990Geary, Phillip Alfred
12/30/1956Geary, Virginia (May)
12/10/1971Gebuhr, Johan S
2/8/1967Geesaman, Clara (Rohwer)
11/24/2016Geesaman, Clarice G. (Claire) (Singsaas)Obituary Source Available
7/16/1945Geesaman, E. S. B., Dr.Cemetery Info Available
4/1/1990Geesaman, Edgar RCemetery Info Available
5/23/2011Geesaman, Richard Elliot (Dr.)Obituary Source Available
11/13/1982Gehrk, Charles J
7/3/1910Gehrk, Dora (Gegar)
9/9/1985Gehrk, Harvey
3/8/1995Gehrk, Henry CCemetery Info Available
4/4/1964Gehrk, Hilda (Lund)Cemetery Info Available
3/12/1979Gehrk, Hilda (Fischer)Obituary Source AvailableCemetery Info Available
4/4/1964Gehrk, Hilda (Lund)
12/25/2015Gehrk, Marian G.Obituary Source AvailableCemetery Info Available
2/3/2005Gehrk, Roma Ruth (Wolsmann)Obituary Source AvailableCemetery Info Available
7/30/1960Gehrk, Ronald
1/10/1912Gehrke, Henry
12/5/1975Gehrt, Emma S (Weber)
2/6/1984Geiger, Twyla J (Olson)
11/27/1991Geisler, Alfred E
5/30/2004Geisler, Charlotte (Kuss)
11/3/2005Geisler, Marvin C
5/12/1995Gelston, Clare
5/12/1995Gelston, Clare
3/3/1966Gelston, Mrs. SamuelObituary Source Available
8/1/1967Gemmel, Ellen
8/6/1938Genke, Fred (Fritz)Obituary Source Available
11/29/2005Genoways, Hannah J (Beales)
3/20/1972Genoways, Joseph Alan
12/13/2009Genoways, Sarah Louise (Beales)
11/25/2012Genoways, Susie Marie (Miller)
10/12/2013Gentry, Marilyn Jeanne (Hunkins)
9/2/1996Gentry, Richard David (Dr.)
9/13/1978Gentz, Hall S
12/26/2005Gentzler, Gordon
11/27/1998Gentzler, Mable Christina (Sorensen)
7/7/1960George, Frank
1/30/2011George, Luella Ruth (Simpson)Obituary Source Available
5/19/1966George, Margaret Eliza (Harding)
1/23/1963George, Norman
12/23/1996George, Walter
9/19/1986Georgeson, Henry J
1/16/1994Gepson, Margery (Pierce)
5/22/1991Gerdes, Earl P
6/1/2014Gerdes, Robert T
9/17/2009Gerdes, Sheila Ann (Nelson)
8/29/1979German, Lucille A (Johnson)
3/7/1997Gerwick, Viola M H (Beck)
5/13/1984Gesch, Mary Jane (McClain)
N/AGetty, Jerome I.
8/14/2013Getzschman, Fredrick M IV
11/17/1981Gewecke, Clara W (Most)
4/5/1981Gibbons, Alma M (Suchanck)
1/26/1961Gibbons, William P
10/10/2003Gibbs, Cedric Griffin
11/4/2011Gibbs, Eugene RObituary Source Available
2/18/1960Gibbs, George
6/3/2000Gibbs, Ramona Joan (Wiese)
10/14/1988Gibbs, Richard Lee
10/10/2003Gibbs, William Walter
12/16/1993Giberson, Leila A (Shackelford)
7/6/2015Gibson, Everett EObituary Source Available
3/13/1915Gibson, son of Mrs. William Gibson
1/5/1961Gieselman, Dorothy
5/4/1999Gieselman, Edna L
6/2/1971Gieselmann, Edward
10/29/1991Gieselmann, Ella M
11/29/1970Gieselmann, Esther (Hokamp)Obituary Source Available
1/27/2001Gieselmann, Lora A (Hokamp)
10/29/1987Gieselmann, Martin F
2/22/1983Gieselmann, Paul A
6/20/1997Gieselmann, Walter H
3/25/1935Giesselman, AlbertObituary Source AvailableCemetery Info Available
12/22/1971Giesselman, Anna (Smith)
12/22/1971Giesselman, Anna (Smith)
9/19/2014Giesselman, Boyd A
10/22/1985Giesselman, Harry
10/22/1985Giesselman, Harry Edward
4/9/2000Giesselman, Harry J (Dr.)
2/17/1912Giesselman, HermanObituary Source Available
4/19/2008Giesselman, Lois L (Panwitz)
4/24/2001Giesselman, Verona E (Hilgenkamp)
2/19/1931Giesselman, William
9/11/1934Giesselmann, Emma (Hilgenkamp)
2/11/1992Giesselmann, Glenn H
6/21/1974Giesselmann, Henriette
6/21/1974Giesselmann, Henriette (Kruger)
5/28/1967Giesselmann, Henry
1/4/2003Giesselmann, Merle
11/23/2003Giesselmann, Rupert E
5/26/1985Gifford, Charles Arthur
11/19/1964Gifford, Don
8/11/1929Gift, Ernest
12/5/1999Gigstad, Arleen Mercedes (Mortensen)
6/17/1983Gilbert, Cecil Howard
12/14/1914Gilbert, Clara (Fishback)
8/16/1968Gilbert, Daisy (Caddock)
2/26/1998Gilbert, Howard F
4/24/1989Gilbert, James Bennett (Ben)
1/19/2007Gilbert, Jon Stanley
1/1/1996Gilbert, Leland L
10/23/1907Gilbert, Leonard (Len)Obituary Source AvailableCemetery Info Available
5/13/1976Gilbert, Lyle E
1/29/1997Gilbert, Mabel Eletha
11/2/2005Gilbert, Marian Rose
3/20/1984Gilbert, Marshall R
9/19/1986Gilbert, Reuben Jerome
5/8/2000Gilbert, Ronald Leslie
10/21/1964Gilbertson, Esther Amelia (Jensen)
11/6/1963Gilbertson, Fred
10/16/1985Gilbertson, Kenneth
9/14/1986Gilbertson, Lyle
2/17/1923Gilbertson, Mathe
2/18/1923Gilbertson, Mattie Gran
3/25/1975Gilbertson, Nellie Catherine (Johnson)
10/11/1941Gilbertson, Oscar
6/26/1912Gilbertson, Peter
11/10/1987Giles, Nellie
6/28/1967Gilfrey, Ann
10/16/1933Gilfrey, Harry H
1/30/1954Gilfry, Mary C (Rhea)
11/1/1981Gilfry, Timothy
9/26/1987Gill, James Jenning
8/16/1965Gillespie, Gary Michael
2/26/1997Gillespie, James Ward
4/11/1984Gillespie, John Patrick
3/19/2002Gillett, Charles Raymond (Ray)Obituary Source AvailableCemetery Info Available
7/6/1950Gillett, Edna (Haynie) (Stricklett)
3/15/1997Gillett, Evelyn M (Wilkins)
1/1/2999Gillett, Harriett June (Morgareide)Obituary Source AvailableCemetery Info Available
8/18/1960Gillett, Thomas StevenObituary Source AvailableCemetery Info Available
12/14/1972Gillette, Charles O
3/1/1913Gillette, James CharlesObituary Source AvailableCemetery Info Available
4/20/1949Gillette, John Leonard
2/5/1925Gillette, L D
6/30/1993Gilliam, Benjamin Morgan
9/29/1971Gilliam, Clifford E
7/1/1984Gilliam, Cora
6/17/1950Gilliam, Curtis LewisObituary Source AvailableCemetery Info Available
10/22/1914Gilliam, Daughter
10/20/1915Gilliam, Ephraim Mrs.
1/31/1995Gilliam, Harold (Gene) Sr
8/2/1987Gilliam, Jean (Egbert)
8/14/1982Gilliam, John C (Pete)
12/23/1974Gilliam, Louis Francis
1/6/1890Gilliam, Martha MayObituary Source Available
10/28/2005Gilliam, Richard W
9/26/1968Gilliam, Vern
4/9/1986Gilliland, Agnes Pauline (Ackerman)Cemetery Info Available
12/12/1957Gilliland, Albert James (Rabb)Cemetery Info Available
4/26/1974Gilliland, Albert John Jr.
10/1/1995Gilliland, Beulah Blanche (Cotte)
1/19/1999Gilliland, Edward Franklin (Jack)Obituary Source AvailableCemetery Info Available
11/22/1919Gilliland, Francis MarionObituary Source AvailableCemetery Info Available
12/12/1996Gilliland, Fred C. (Buss)
9/19/2007Gilliland, George
9/8/1929Gilliland, John EdwardObituary Source AvailableCemetery Info Available
12/24/1924Gilliland, Lenora Adeline (Rose)
11/20/1956Gilliland, Margaret Sidney (King)Obituary Source AvailableCemetery Info Available
8/17/1994Gilliland, Roma Henritta (Miller)
7/21/1916Gilliland, Wealthy Ann (Cook)Obituary Source AvailableCemetery Info Available
10/30/1954Gilliland, WilliamObituary Source AvailableCemetery Info Available
4/13/1966Gilliland, William HenryObituary Source AvailableCemetery Info Available
7/29/2011Gilmore, Karla (Kristie) (Andersen)Obituary Source AvailableCemetery Info Available
5/26/1990Gilmore, Lois M (Thompson)
12/6/1999Girtz, Joseph M Rev.
3/28/2016Givens, John K (Jack)
9/25/2006Gjerde, Joanne J (Merselis)
7/31/2004Glacey, George P. (Bubba) Jr.
5/11/2017Gladwin, AprilObituary Source AvailableCemetery Info Available
2/22/1985Gladys, Grimm (Gaylord)
9/18/1961Glandt, Minnie
3/21/1994Glaser, Andrew F
8/19/2016Glaser, Jeffrey TObituary Source Available
12/11/1998Glasner, Florence V (Andersen)
6/28/2012Glasner, William
11/30/1984Glass, Blanche
4/13/2007Glass, Freda
12/18/1984Glass, George E
10/12/2007Glass, James Curtis Jr
8/11/1961Glass, James Sr.
11/15/1997Glass, James Todd II
9/16/2007Glass, Joshua L
11/27/1995Glass, Robert C
5/10/2006Glass, Stephen R
12/14/1964Gleason, Tillie
12/26/1994Gleeson, Darlene (Nielsen)
12/1/1991Gleeson, Mary Florence (Love)
7/27/1998Glinski, Richard E
9/13/1973Glover, Anna E (Blackett)
4/30/2016Glup, Ernest HenryObituary Source Available
6/16/1980Gnuse, Adela (Brunkow)
6/28/2013Gnuse, Alvin J.
12/16/1971Gnuse, Anna F (Stork)
11/3/1978Gnuse, August F
10/4/2013Gnuse, Becky L (Engskow)
10/13/2009Gnuse, Donald W
9/1/2000Gnuse, Edward W
6/11/2000Gnuse, Elsie M (Hagerbaumer)
10/23/1994Gnuse, Lawrence J
1/26/2001Gnuse, Meta C (Scheer)
4/7/2001Gnuse, Raymond
4/27/1968Gnuse, Richard
12/12/1967Gnuse, Simon
5/23/2012Gochanour, Lillian K (Poff)
10/31/1917Gochenouer, Adam
6/20/1917Gochenouer, Joe
8/31/1911Gochenour, Mary J (Burgess)
4/10/1996Gochenour, Sarah
11/12/1994Gochenour, William R
1/22/1925Godel, Anna (Lallman)
4/20/1939Godsey, Oscar H
7/14/2012Goebel, Brandi D. (Sell)Obituary Source Available
2/22/1998Goebel, Donna I
7/1/2010Goebel, Joseph A.Obituary Source AvailableCemetery Info Available
6/2/1966Goedecker, Louis
9/25/1966Goedeker, Adela
5/14/1964Goedeker, Adolph Claus
4/7/1984Goedeker, Augusta (Claussen)
8/13/1971Goedeker, Dean
1/23/1982Goehring, Edith (Cochran)
8/8/1971Goehring, Walter E Dr.
5/21/1994Goepfert, Bradley A
11/22/2008Goerke, Victor Jean
5/25/2012Goesling, Norma A
3/24/1974Goettsch, Charley Frank
2/4/2017Goff, Jean (Foss)Obituary Source AvailableCemetery Info Available
11/1/2012Goff, Steve J
6/30/1994Going, Theodore Gene (Ted)
9/19/2010Goldapp, EarlObituary Source Available
9/19/2010Goldapp, EarlObituary Source Available
9/9/2012Goldberg, Barbara R (Walsh)
10/11/1991Goldberg, Carrie M (Kruse)
10/3/1976Goldberg, Clarence J
3/1/1921Goldberg, Effie (Wilds)Obituary Source AvailableCemetery Info Available
11/8/2005Goldberg, Helen I (Wilds)
9/1/1997Goldberg, Kenneth C
8/15/2010Goldberg, Robert LObituary Source AvailableCemetery Info Available
6/28/1944Goldborg, Emma
10/1/2005Golden, Howard F
9/5/1965Golden, James R
9/13/1994Golden, Mildred M (McMichael)
11/30/1993Golden, Opal B
10/2/1994Goldman, Glen
9/11/2015Goldsmith, Patricia E (Trish) (O'Hanlon)Obituary Source Available
4/12/2007Goldston, James L
10/20/2012Goll, Andew LorenzObituary Source Available
1/16/1917Goll, Barbara (Fees)
3/1/2005Goll, Dagmar E (Olson)
12/4/1992Goll, James E, Sr.
9/16/1999Goll, Kermit Franklin
10/4/1965Gollehon, Bertha (Peck)
12/20/1951Gollehon, Charles MillardObituary Source AvailableCemetery Info Available
4/19/1974Gollehon, Donna Harriet
12/17/2001Gollehon, Eugene (S. Sgt. U.S. Army)
1/13/1990Gollehon, J. Clark
11/29/1937Gollehon, Margaret L (Stalcup)Obituary Source AvailableCemetery Info Available
3/24/1986Gollehon, Walter
3/24/1986Gollehon, Walter
10/3/1998Good, Erna Julia
10/20/1990Good, George Chris
4/29/2005Good, Jean Marie (Vittitoe)
9/28/1970Good, Menno
6/11/1972Good, Sophia Carrie (Carlson)
5/6/1993Goodell, Barbara A (Daniels)
8/10/2006Goodman, Robert L
3/18/1915Goodrich, Herb
12/18/2000Goodwin, Dorothy (Steffan)
10/22/2005Goodwin, G. Marie (Hansen)(Leach)
5/18/1998Goodwin, Harvey W
5/13/1989Goodwin, Lester S
11/3/2016Goodwin, Richard AObituary Source Available
3/23/2012Goolsby, Alyce Jean (Bennett)Obituary Source Available
1/15/2012Goolsby, Robert KeithObituary Source Available
2/5/2014Goon, Mary Lou (Kuehn)
N/AGoos, Jacob L.
9/21/2014Goracke, Elna F (Echtenkamp)
11/11/1971Goracke, Loren A
8/1/2005Gordon, Cleo L (Snow)
9/3/1982Gordon, Minnie
3/27/1999Gordon, William T (Bill)
12/17/1964Goreham, Henry
4/13/2006Goreham, Inez G (Sheets)
6/24/2002Goreham, Leonard L Sr.Obituary Source AvailableCemetery Info Available
4/13/1984Goreham, Louis S
7/2/2006Goreham, Mabel I (Onie) (Sheets)
1/30/1920Gorham, Harold John Jr.
3/28/1919Gorham, Mrs. Harold
3/21/2016Gosker, Bernard FrederickObituary Source Available
9/21/1972Gosker, Bertha (Fisher)
5/24/1980Gosker, Clara
12/3/1954Gosker, Edward
2/19/1996Gosker, Elaine (Andreasen)
3/15/1928Gosker, Fred
2/8/2012Gosker, Helen (Nelson)Obituary Source Available
3/6/1941Gosker, HenryObituary Source AvailableCemetery Info Available
10/30/1985Gosker, Marvin
3/14/2013Gosker, Mary Lou (Allen)
1/3/1969Gosker, Minnie (Niederkruger)
3/27/1976Gosker, Nora Elizabeth
9/25/1970Gosker, Obert William
3/8/1983Gosker, Sherman P
10/15/2010Gosker, Walter HObituary Source AvailableCemetery Info Available
10/19/1918Gossard, Emma NCemetery Info Available
10/19/1918Gossard, Emma N (Nelsen)
8/7/1914Gossard, George Waldo
2/3/1916Gossard, Hannah
5/19/1889Gossard, Jefferson HObituary Source Available
11/10/1963Gossard, Lydia
10/6/1923Gossard, Mary (Leeper)
7/7/1918Gossard, Philip J
10/5/1939Gossard, Stanley
1/17/1933Gossard, Thomas Bertel
8/5/1914Gossard, Waldo
8/22/1991Goth, Arthur R
8/29/1960Gottsch, Anna K
11/13/1994Gottsch, Arthur H
2/1/2013Gottsch, Arthur L, Jr.
10/7/2014Gottsch, Bernard G (Pat)Obituary Source Available
4/3/1990Gottsch, Blake A
3/14/1977Gottsch, C. H. Reinhardt
9/17/1985Gottsch, Charles
3/1/1934Gottsch, Charles
11/10/1981Gottsch, Clarence
4/7/2015Gottsch, Deloris Jean (Williams)Obituary Source Available
8/21/2005Gottsch, Donald L
11/30/1966Gottsch, Emil Johannes
10/19/2001Gottsch, Erma D (Fedde)
6/25/2015Gottsch, Gary AllenCemetery Info Available
11/16/1983Gottsch, Glenn
7/24/1991Gottsch, Glenn E
11/27/1986Gottsch, Harland R
12/1/1959Gottsch, Henry J
8/12/1984Gottsch, Hildagard
6/21/1996Gottsch, Lillie
12/10/1980Gottsch, Lola NCemetery Info Available
12/10/1980Gottsch, Lola Naomi (Rosenbaum)Cemetery Info Available
1/30/1987Gottsch, Mary M (Huber)
6/18/1984Gottsch, Mervyn R
5/5/1976Gottsch, Otto
10/22/1998Gottsch, Ruth L (French)
9/3/1987Gottsch, Voneita D (Larsen)
2/23/1963Gottsch, Walter
6/8/1916Gottsch, Walter Paul
6/8/1916Gottsch, Walter Paul
8/24/1916Gouchenour, Mary J (Burgess)
1/1/1989Gould, Harold
2/3/1990Gould, Louise (Wiedenbeck) (Darling)
9/25/1995Gould, Rose H (McArdle)
7/31/1985Gould, Ward R
11/19/1977Grabbe, Edward FrankObituary Source AvailableCemetery Info Available
4/8/2013Grabbe, Elaine M (Bradford)
11/19/1963Grabbe, Henry A
7/15/1980Grabbe, John Fredrick
3/15/1999Grabbe, John Fredrick Jr. (Bob)
3/17/2009Grabbe, Leland H
10/23/1971Grabbe, Mary Anna (Hovendick)
11/19/1977Grabbe, Opal Lucile (Hapke)
3/10/2005Grabe, Edith Ragnhild (Palle)
3/14/1987Grabo, Burnice
4/22/2015Grabow, Agnes O (Mickey) (Mikulecky)Obituary Source Available
9/8/1992Grabow, Clifford L
2/4/1998Grabow, Joan Kay
12/25/1975Grabow, Paul E
6/30/1996Grace, Ernan
10/15/2010Grace, Leslie Irl Jr (Dr)Obituary Source Available
10/15/2010Grace, Leslie Irl Jr (MD)Obituary Source Available
1/14/1980Grace, Leslie Sr.
10/21/2014Grady, Betty Lou (Frye) (Mossberger)
7/1/1983Grady, Clement
9/21/2001Grafelman, David P
1/8/2003Graham, Byron W
9/18/1915Graham, Mary Ethel (Stewart)
3/4/2005Gramke, Carla L (Callas)
2/24/2004Gramkow, Ione Y (Feige)
1/6/2016Gramlich, MildredObituary Source Available
2/17/2015Grancer, Jerry JackObituary Source Available
7/10/1978Granden, Thelma (Godsey)
1/30/1993Grandgenett, D. Jane (Mikkleson)
5/9/2014Grant, Lynard E
3/15/1986Grant, Olga V (Sorensen)
3/5/1931Grau, Ella (Vahlcamp)
8/23/1979Graulich, Ella (Fuchs)
5/13/2001Graulich, Wesley J
9/7/1982Graver, Frieda (Popken)
7/29/2014Graver, Larry M
12/13/1994Graver, Louis M
7/30/2010Graver, Sharon KObituary Source Available
4/19/1976Graverholt, Carl V
7/25/1998Graverholt, Jorgine N (Jennie) (Nielsen)
9/11/2016Graverholt, Marjorie LucilleObituary Source Available
7/4/2011Graverholt, William C (Bill)Obituary Source Available
1/20/1913Graves, Allen C
8/1/1978Graves, Anna
1/21/1980Graves, LaVerne
5/31/1995Graves, Mary Jane (Grunt)
8/27/1964Graves, Merle
3/22/1971Gravvat, John J
9/16/1978Grawet, Gladys Ruth (Dixon)
10/12/1991Grawet, Raymond J
4/26/1939Gray, Alexander Franklin (Frank)
7/1/1942Gray, Charles
7/3/1942Gray, Cleo Irene (Leach)Obituary Source AvailableCemetery Info Available
7/3/1942Gray, Cleo Irene (Leach)Obituary Source AvailableCemetery Info Available
7/22/2013Gray, Clifford M (Cliff)
8/20/2001Gray, David W
3/4/1976Gray, DorothyObituary Source AvailableCemetery Info Available
3/4/1993Gray, Edward J
7/15/1978Gray, Gilbert Edward
N/AGray, John W
9/5/2016Gray, Kaylene Evelyn (Long)Obituary Source AvailableCemetery Info Available
7/29/1954Gray, Retta (Sutherland)
6/29/1964Gray, Stella
4/16/2000Graybill, Archie Arthur
10/31/2001Grebe, Esther (Scheer) (Echtenkamp)
3/14/2007Grebe, Wanda (Wesemann)
11/20/1902Green, AlexanderObituary Source AvailableCemetery Info Available
4/10/1961Green, Alma (Koch)
7/11/1983Green, Anna Myrtle Marie (Anderson)
12/7/1971Green, Carl A. (Pat)
2/26/2005Green, Carole Anne (Lizer)
5/14/1924Green, Charles AmericusObituary Source AvailableCemetery Info Available
3/24/1993Green, Delbert (Brady)
2/9/2013Green, Deloris D
6/30/1900Green, Eliza (Louisa) J (Wild)Obituary Source AvailableCemetery Info Available
1/19/1945Green, Everett E (Perk) (Private Army)Obituary Source AvailableCemetery Info Available
1/8/1976Green, Floyd Fern
6/28/1988Green, George E
11/2/1969Green, George T
2/27/1962Green, George Wesley
1/1/1970Green, Glen Sr.
9/12/2008Green, Glynnis A (Martens)
8/4/1991Green, Joe Jr.
12/2/1972Green, Lloyd R
3/23/1995Green, Marjorie May (Grothe)
8/27/1979Green, Mary (Watts)
3/6/1946Green, Mary Hannah (Gustin)Obituary Source AvailableCemetery Info Available
12/4/1951Green, Roy AObituary Source AvailableCemetery Info Available
8/19/1986Greenamyre, Dale
8/27/2013Greenfield, Aletha L (Fraley) (Newell)
11/7/2002Greenfield, Glenn E
11/7/2015Greenhagen, Susan Marie (Delgado)
N/AGreeno, Charles Oliver
2/16/1966Greeno, Dan
N/AGreeno, Della H
N/AGreeno, L. W.
6/5/1913Greeno, Marie
4/26/1985Greeno, Marie Magdelena (Hansen)
N/AGreeno, Maudie May
N/AGreeno, Oliver
8/20/1989Greenwood, Agnes (Bing)
10/25/1980Greenwood, Louis Phillip
12/30/2015Greenwood, Lowell VObituary Source Available
12/3/1998Greer, Ralph S
5/29/1994Greer, Vivian
12/26/1994Greeson, Darlene (Nielsen)
8/18/2000Grefe, Edgar F
8/14/2004Grefe, Irma L (Dickmeyer)
12/6/1999Grefe, Mick A
8/15/2005Grefe, Wilbur EObituary Source Available
11/1/1985Gregersen, Alene (Sutherland)
7/9/1966Gregersen, Chris E
8/18/1966Gregersen, Christina D
1/16/1994Gregersen, Leland James (Lee)
12/9/2000Gregerson, Fred Harvey
11/23/2006Gregerson, Hazel E (Christensen)
9/5/1994Gregerson, Helen L (Jipp)
7/9/1976Gregerson, John Edwin
3/2/2008Gregg, Betty Lou (Vasholz)
2/10/1994Gregg, Francis C
7/12/2002Gregory, Earl Leroy
8/22/2013Gregory, Evelyn Mae (Darnall)
5/16/1988Greider, Clara (Qunecke)
4/6/2003Grell, Elvin CObituary Source AvailableCemetery Info Available
10/10/2010Grell, Norma Jean (Jensen)Obituary Source AvailableCemetery Info Available
4/14/1916Grenell, Edwin N
8/25/1968Grenelle, Roy Hamilton
9/28/1990Grenier, Edward M
1/29/2001Grenier, Mark Allen
1/21/1972Grenier, Ralph
1/23/1990Greunke, Alvina
3/15/2001Greunke, Anna Minnie Sophia (Knecht)
9/10/1988Greunke, Dennis L
7/29/2009Greunke, Ellen E. L. (Stork)
7/3/2001Greunke, Elsa C (Knecht)
4/15/1991Greunke, Elsie M (Gieselmann)
12/3/1990Greunke, Emil M
12/24/1970Greunke, George Henry
3/28/1984Greunke, Henry W
10/8/2003Greunke, Lyle G
10/13/1984Greunke, Max L
12/3/1996Grey, Ethel (Cummings)
4/27/1993Grey, Paul
9/9/2012Griffin, Diane Kay (Ragels)
12/11/1918Griffin, Mrs. R. D.
12/11/1918Griffin, R. D.
4/3/1999Griffin, Thomas (Bud)
7/28/1990Griffis, Besse Emily (Gillette)
10/15/2002Griffis, Carroll Thomas
5/1/1994Griffith, Nancy L (Anderson)
6/4/2007Griger, Robert Sr.
12/2/2002Grimit, James F
1/18/1967Grimm, Arthur Dr.
8/8/1979Grimm, Bruce
9/28/1991Grimm, Ernest C
2/22/1985Grimm, Gladys (Gaylord)
9/19/1997Grimm, Louis (Bud)
5/15/1958Grimm, Wilhelm (Bill)
3/29/2014Grinbergs, Karl Erik
5/22/2004Grinbergs, Mirdza A
6/7/2012Grinvalds, Liesma (Grinbergs)
3/26/2016Groh, Dorothy Elizabeth (Baxter)Obituary Source Available
6/11/2005Grosnickle, William (Roger)
6/16/1988Gross, Christine M (Moravec)
10/6/2010Gross, Dorothy Ann (Flick)Obituary Source Available
1/12/1997Gross, Emma Elizabeth (Schneemeyer)
10/24/1940Gross, Frances
10/8/2010Gross, Francis ThomasObituary Source AvailableCemetery Info Available
7/7/1977Gross, Louis E
4/16/1928Gross, Maria Theresa
11/17/1904Gross, William DObituary Source AvailableCemetery Info Available
10/6/2009Grosse, Bernice E (Wehmeyer)
2/5/1991Grosse, Harold H
1/5/1999Grosse, Raymond E
9/5/1991Grosserode, Paul J
9/5/1991Grosserode, Paul J
4/20/1992Grossman, Charlotte Faye (Erickson)
3/3/2013Grossnicklaus, Leona Alta (Fillinger)
11/19/2012Grossnicklaus, Raymond H
3/19/1967Grossoehme, Edith
1/6/1996Grossoehme, Mildred
11/29/2016Grote, Robert WilliamObituary Source Available
5/4/1888Grotelueschen, Emma RoseObituary Source Available
5/4/1888Grotelueschen, Heinrich Ludwig (Louis)Obituary Source Available
5/4/1888Grotelueschen, Ida LouiseObituary Source Available
5/4/1888Grotelueschen, JohnObituary Source Available
N/AGroteluschen, Fred and entire family
4/10/1974Grothe, Alice N (West)
6/26/1990Grothe, Bessie M (Osburn)
5/27/1964Grothe, Clara Belle (Parr)
12/22/1970Grothe, Dale Elmer
10/18/1971Grothe, Oscar
10/26/1985Grothe, Oscar D. Jr. (Snooks)
1/23/1988Grothe, Robert E. (Gene)
4/25/2001Grothusen, Harold
5/4/1888Grotlunschen, FriedrichObituary Source Available
5/4/1888Grotlunschen, Matilda (Frese)Obituary Source Available
2/10/1910Grover, Bertha (Coulter)
9/24/1970Grover, Floyd D
2/15/1911Grover, Lyman J
4/13/2011Grover, Mabel JObituary Source Available
2/11/2001Grover, Mort G
1/22/1977Grover, Roy M
3/8/2013Groves, Xona D (Sheets)
9/6/2000Grube, George Edward
3/25/2015Grube, Marion (Borry)Obituary Source Available
8/4/2003Gruber, Richard, Jr.
11/28/2012Grundman, David Charles Jr.
9/24/1961Gubser, Benjamin Frederick
1/10/1929Gudeker, Henry
1/11/1994Guern, Carl Eugene
8/16/1972Gulliams, Benny Carl
2/8/1982Gummus, Clarence Leo
7/27/1984Gummus, Hannah Lovisa (Ziegler)
1/31/1992Gunby, Shawn Michael
3/27/2002Gunderson, Alice Noretta (Ringstad)
8/16/2000Gunderson, Carlisle O
12/29/2008Gunderson, Grace Johanna (Tonjes)
10/17/1982Gunderson, Milo
8/5/2003Gunderson, Olando M., Reverend
1/25/1995Gunderson, Rachel E (Sorensen)
1/12/1983Gunkel, Ethel (Rosenbaum)
1/22/1931Gustafson, Clarence Richard Arvid
11/13/2015Gustafson, Martha Marie (Weber)Obituary Source AvailableCemetery Info Available
2/28/1992Gustason, A. Dale
2/9/1929Gustason, Mariam Margaret
1/31/1917Gustin, A. M.
7/2/1985Gustin, Elsie Bertha (Kegler)
5/7/1982Gustin, Harlan Jack
2/25/1914Gustin, Ida May (Talbatt)
2/19/1914Gustin, Ida May (Talbatt)
1/21/1932Gustin, InfantObituary Source AvailableCemetery Info Available
12/17/1981Gustin, Louise Christina (Christ)
5/16/1917Gustin, Samuel JeffersonObituary Source AvailableCemetery Info Available
4/30/2000Gustin, Velma B (Pyle)
12/19/1984Gustin, Walter
2/11/1986Gustin, Willard E
3/6/1990Gustin, Willard Ley
3/4/2001Gutschow, Alice Doris (Beck)Cemetery Info Available
9/27/1974Gutschow, Catherine (Katie)
9/19/1963Gutschow, Chris Frank
11/25/2013Gutschow, Chris J
3/5/1916Gutschow, ChristianObituary Source AvailableCemetery Info Available
8/17/2004Gutschow, Edna L (Nicholson)Cemetery Info Available
12/23/1989Gutschow, Fred C
9/12/1906Gutschow, Fritz
10/29/1915Gutschow, JohnObituary Source AvailableCemetery Info Available
4/13/1924Gutschow, JosephObituary Source AvailableCemetery Info Available
9/20/2010Gutschow, Joseph JObituary Source AvailableCemetery Info Available
3/4/1993Gutschow, Joseph James
12/10/1991Gutschow, Lois Margaret (Collins)
8/20/1963Gutschow, Marie (Nielsen)
10/22/2016Gutschow, RayObituary Source Available
11/29/2014Gutschow, Shirley May (Young)Obituary Source AvailableCemetery Info Available
3/26/2011Gutschow, Vivian C (McDonald)Obituary Source AvailableCemetery Info Available
3/26/2011Gutschow, Vivian C (McDonald)
3/31/1976Gutschow, Walter F
11/16/1990Gutschow, Wilfred E (Bill)
12/25/1994Gutschow, William J
1/29/1972Guy, Clinton O
12/20/2002Guy, Irene B (Wattenbarger)
4/2/2007Guy, Maria (Toledo)
6/7/1976Guyer, Fred
11/1/1964Guyer, H. Burman
11/20/1988Guyer, H. Lyle
12/23/2011Guyer, Harold GlenObituary Source Available
6/25/1997Guyer, Lee Lippincott
11/2/1995Guyer, Nadine
7/2/1973Guyer, Pearl Edith (Triplett)
7/21/1939Guyer, Vernocia L (Miller)
3/16/1985Guyer, Viva Alice
10/22/2007Gwaltney, Billy Franklin
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