Obituaries from Washington County, Nebraska.

The following are obituaries from the Washington County Genealogical Society archive in the Blair Public Library. There are thousands of area obituaries located in this archive.

Digitizing of these obituaries is an on going process.

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Total Obituaries: 14128

N/ACabeen, Mrs J WObituary Source Available
10/24/1911Cacelin, MaryObituary Source AvailableCemetery Info Available
1/14/2013Cachelin, Charles E
4/18/1925Cachelin, Frances (Church)Obituary Source AvailableCemetery Info Available
4/18/1925Cachelin, Frances ChurchObituary Source AvailableCemetery Info Available
7/2/1976Cachelin, Hazel LydiaObituary Source AvailableCemetery Info Available
10/24/1911Cachelin, Mary EObituary Source AvailableCemetery Info Available
10/24/1911Cachelin, Mary EObituary Source AvailableCemetery Info Available
1/1/1928Cachelin, urbanCemetery Info Available
7/9/2007Cachelin, Urban EdwardObituary Source Available
10/24/1911Cachlin, MaryObituary Source AvailableCemetery Info Available
12/21/2003Cadden, Donaldeen SObituary Source Available
2/8/1994Caddock, Mary A
3/29/1976Caddock, Raymond HObituary Source Available
11/4/1963Cade, Byron BlissObituary Source AvailableCemetery Info Available
11/28/1989Cady, Duane L
1/13/2000Cady, John D
N/ACady, Margaret L
7/25/1966Cady, Milton RogersObituary Source AvailableCemetery Info Available
10/13/2013Cady, Victoria Elaine (Elmore)
9/14/1960Caer, Annie C.
7/18/1974Cahoon, Irving (Booker)
5/2/2005Cahoon, Kenneth A.
N/ACain, EdwardObituary Source Available
8/26/2005Cain, Ruby Fern (Kunnemann)Obituary Source Available
6/29/1935Cain, Ulysses S.Obituary Source Available
11/13/1983Cain, Vernie C.
8/26/2012Calderon, Marjorie Jean
9/27/1978Caldwell, Earl C.
8/1/1992Caldwell, George (Bud)
12/29/1963Caldwell, George Van Buren
10/28/1928Caldwell, James R.
11/1/1928Caldwell, James RheaObituary Source AvailableCemetery Info Available
10/25/1928Caldwell, James Rhea
3/23/1901Caldwell, James S.
7/27/2002Caldwell, Thelma L. (Long)
4/4/1935Caldwell, Theresa Caroline (Kegler)
2/18/1965Caldwell, William, Mrs.
7/7/1913Calkins, Anne, Mrs.
5/14/2001Callahan, Alberta L. (Meier)
8/27/2004Callaway, Karen J.
12/18/1972Callen, Hemet C.
3/5/2005Callsen, Harry L.
12/7/2008Camberg, Donna J
12/18/1993Camberg, Lyman
3/24/1968Camberg, Lyman E
3/8/1977Camberg, Maude (Lineberry)
9/19/2001Camden, Melvin F.
4/16/2011Camenzind, Clarence EObituary Source Available
3/28/1992Camenzind, Mary B.
8/22/2007Cameron, Allen JObituary Source AvailableCemetery Info Available
5/5/1938Cameron, Allen J (Doctor)Obituary Source AvailableCemetery Info Available
3/1/1928Cameron, Ella A. (Burdie)Obituary Source AvailableCemetery Info Available
7/27/1964Cameron, Ella Marie (Lautrup)
1/29/1987Cameron, Emma (Holstein)
9/14/2005Cameron, Joe D.
8/19/1954Cameron, John Howard
8/4/2010Cameron, KennethObituary Source Available
7/20/1996Cameron, Lucille (Kuhlmann)
2/18/1974Cameron, Mack
7/2/1970Cameron, Max
7/26/1934Cameron, Neil D.Obituary Source Available
2/6/1964Cameron, Whit
N/ACameron, Wilber N.Obituary Source Available
7/13/1984Cameron, William C.
5/5/2011Campbell, Alice Faye (Jump)Obituary Source AvailableCemetery Info Available
11/1/2003Campbell, Anne C. (Hitchman)
11/13/1985Campbell, Argie (Martin)
8/19/2014Campbell, Barbara J
1/12/1991Campbell, Bert
1/7/1948Campbell, Bert
12/29/1947Campbell, Bert CObituary Source AvailableCemetery Info Available
11/12/1991Campbell, Bertie Ray
11/12/1978Campbell, Blanche L.
12/6/1934Campbell, Charles
5/20/2008Campbell, Charles M. (Buzz)
3/15/1916Campbell, Clara E. (Young)
12/11/1968Campbell, Dirk David
12/12/1968Campbell, Dirk, 5 yrs.
2/22/1991Campbell, Dorothy E.
4/13/2011Campbell, Edward MObituary Source Available
2/25/1998Campbell, George E.
5/9/1996Campbell, Harriett (Wilson)
12/30/1993Campbell, Howard F.
5/23/2014Campbell, Howard C
2/28/1951Campbell, Howard DonaldObituary Source AvailableCemetery Info Available
12/30/1993Campbell, Howard FrankfordCemetery Info Available
12/1/1981Campbell, J. Carroll
10/31/1901Campbell, James
11/12/2009Campbell, Joe H. (Junior)Obituary Source Available
11/22/1918Campbell, John MathiasObituary Source AvailableCemetery Info Available
11/29/1918Campbell, Johnnie, 10 yrs.
11/9/2003Campbell, Judith M. (Kroger)
7/15/1998Campbell, Lawrence Eugene
12/20/2002Campbell, LeRoy
8/20/1982Campbell, Leslie Vernon
12/20/2005Campbell, Lois M. (McIntosh)
12/20/2005Campbell, Lois May (McIntosh)Cemetery Info Available
8/5/1987Campbell, Marie (Hillman)
2/19/1971Campbell, Mary Margaret (Morrison)
11/20/1915Campbell, Mathias Rev.Obituary Source AvailableCemetery Info Available
11/20/1915Campbell, Mathias, Rev.
1/1/1956Campbell, Maud Louise (Carter)
7/24/2013Campbell, Melvin
11/9/1994Campbell, Michael LeRoyCemetery Info Available
3/26/1973Campbell, Milford (Mish)
10/26/2007Campbell, Nicholas CObituary Source AvailableCemetery Info Available
10/23/1993Campbell, Raymond I.
7/23/1986Campbell, Robert
3/8/1995Campbell, Ruth L.
2/4/1998Campbell, Shirley Sarah (Sullivan)
2/16/2004Campbell, Sonny J.
2/16/2004Campbell, Sunny J
2/11/1994Campbell, Thelma (Ruedinger)
2/11/1994Campbell, Thelma Lucille (Ruedinger)Cemetery Info Available
7/28/1999Campbell, Vina Marguerite (Foley)
9/5/1991Campbell, William
2/16/1916Canfield, Julia
4/20/1967Cannon, Cornelius
11/24/1955Cannon, Hazel
N/ACannon, James
N/ACannon, Mary H. (Fletcher)
6/1/1999Cantillon, Catherine Margaret (Schmidt)
10/16/1902Cantlin, J. R., the Hon.
9/14/1927Cantlin, J.HarryObituary Source Available
2/23/1961Capps, Claudia H.
12/29/1992Card, Della A.
10/23/2014Carey, Helen Marie (McCarthy)
5/31/2007Carey, James O.
1/27/2008Carey, Shawn James
3/15/1989Carl, Fern E.
2/1/1990Carlberg, Blanche (Whorlow)
5/21/1968Carlberg, Carl
10/16/2010Carlberg, Francis L.
10/16/2010Carlberg, Francis L. (Carl)
5/15/2007Carlberg, Gertrude (Kubie)
11/26/1992Carlberg, Milton
9/19/1996Carlberg, Rolin
3/15/1992Carlberg, Walis
11/3/2000Carlin, Mae B.
12/5/1917Carlsen, Carl
1/9/1962Carlsen, Caroline M.
1/9/1962Carlsen, Mrs. N.C. (Martha Caroline Neve)
2/15/1979Carlsen, Raymond C.
2/8/1950Carlsen, Rev. Niels ChristianCemetery Info Available
8/9/2002Carlsen, Viggo I.
1/30/1999Carlsen, Viola H. (Hansen)
8/7/1984Carlson, Albert F.
7/31/1961Carlson, Axel R.
7/20/1999Carlson, Elizabeth K. (Grimm)
9/17/1962Carlson, Elsie M.
2/29/1988Carlson, Gayle Geraldine (Garner)
3/23/2015Carlson, Gerald RObituary Source Available
6/26/1990Carlson, Grace C. (Wilcox)
2/19/1975Carlson, Harold L. (Swede)
2/27/2005Carlson, Hollis D.
9/13/2008Carlson, Madeline P. (Davis)
1/8/1993Carlson, Marguerite E.
9/25/1978Carlson, Marvin W.
7/21/1998Carlson, Richard
7/22/2005Carlson, Robert J.
10/25/2014Carlson, Robert E (Bob)Obituary Source Available
4/23/1992Carlson, Vivian I.
6/25/1953Carlton, LesterObituary Source Available
4/21/1973Carmichael, Charles Guy
9/18/1996Carmichael, George G.
5/2/1928Carmichael, George W.
11/12/1995Carmichael, Judith (Hain)
11/1/1984Carmichael, Keith Dale
2/27/1999Carmichael, Mardell M. (Hansen)
1/10/1935Carmichael, Mildred Irene (Houghton)
11/5/1962Carmichael, Robert
10/7/1941Carmichael, Robert George Lee, age 3
7/1/1991Carmichael, Terry
9/2/1961Carmichael, Walter
1/1/1981Carnaby, Hattie B.
10/23/1982Carnes, Melvin Vernon
12/15/2003Carnevalo, Christopher M.
4/7/1994Caron, Kathryn (Jones)
7/23/1913Carpenter, (Male)
12/28/1995Carpenter, Archie W.
12/16/1920Carpenter, Baby, 3 wks
8/16/1913Carpenter, Ellen (Griffen)
2/29/1960Carpenter, Minnie
12/5/1913Carpenter, WilliamObituary Source AvailableCemetery Info Available
2/14/1913Carpenter, William
3/4/2001Carper, Donna Jean (Witt)
7/6/2005Carper, Elton T.
6/7/1916Carr, DanObituary Source AvailableCemetery Info Available
6/27/1971Carrie M, NygaardObituary Source Available
10/7/2012Carrier, Sharon M (Jones)
2/10/1938Carrigan, Carrie L. (Palmer)
12/10/1927Carrigan, Edmund Burke (Judge)Obituary Source AvailableCemetery Info Available
8/22/1988Carrigan, John A., Col.
2/28/2011Carritt, Harold RObituary Source Available
12/22/1996Carritt, Mary Arlene (Perkins)
9/7/2011Carroll, Elisa A. (DesRosiers)
12/16/2012Carroll, Joanne
1/29/2005Carroll, Patrick A.
4/26/1991Carroll, Theodore E.
3/17/1997Carson, Carol Margie (Gates)
6/26/1973Carson, Christopher N. (Kit)
9/4/2004Carson, Doris Mae (Sorensen)
1/25/1992Carson, Ethel Minnie (Harter)
9/15/1977Carson, Grace R.
12/16/2002Carson, James L.
4/2/1988Carson, James P.
6/29/1967Carson, Karen Lynn, 7 wks.
8/16/1975Carson, Lloyd
1/1/2999Carson, Mary
7/31/1992Carson, Mary Alice (McKinsey)
7/15/2005Carson, Opal Marie
5/30/1960Carson, Pete
8/24/2000Carson, Phyllis Helen (Woodward)
5/4/2015Carson, Rose MObituary Source Available
12/17/2009Carson, Stewart M.Obituary Source Available
N/ACarter, Alexander Jr.Cemetery Info Available
N/ACarter, Alexander Sr.
7/3/1912Carter, Alfred
10/26/1900Carter, Amanda Melvina Sullivan
2/5/1923Carter, Ann ElizaObituary Source Available
4/13/1939Carter, C. A.
6/26/1986Carter, Carroll MauriceCemetery Info Available
10/30/1914Carter, Catherine Koeler (King) (Mrs. Dion Carter)
11/14/1923Carter, Chas. M.Obituary Source AvailableCemetery Info Available
1/13/1925Carter, Daniel F
12/2/1963Carter, Dine
8/9/2001Carter, Donald CObituary Source Available
2/1/1945Carter, Dora Ann
7/4/1972Carter, Dudley W., Rev.
11/22/1917Carter, Earl Dion JrObituary Source AvailableCemetery Info Available
9/9/1915Carter, Emma (Halsted)Obituary Source AvailableCemetery Info Available
4/5/1973Carter, Erwin Douglas
9/18/1919Carter, Frances Ellen (Harris)Cemetery Info Available
N/ACarter, Fred
6/18/1925Carter, George W., Sr.
6/16/1925Carter, George WObituary Source Available
10/8/1900Carter, infant, 6 mo.
12/11/1900Carter, Jacob FCemetery Info Available
10/2/1975Carter, Jake C.
7/21/1963Carter, Josephine (Romanoski)
10/27/1914Carter, Kate M (King)Obituary Source AvailableCemetery Info Available
1/3/1993Carter, Laura A. (Andersen)
7/22/1906Carter, Martha J (Compton)
7/22/1906Carter, Martha Jane (McCloud)Cemetery Info Available
N/ACarter, Martha StoutObituary Source Available
7/10/1937Carter, Mary A (Leach)
2/10/1952Carter, Minerva Jane (Lowe)Obituary Source AvailableCemetery Info Available
N/ACarter, NathanCemetery Info Available
3/23/1964Carter, Nell Irene (Greeno)
7/13/1913Carter, Oliver Sir Dian
9/13/1928Carter, Orin B.
9/11/1928Carter, Orin BObituary Source AvailableCemetery Info Available
8/19/1908Carter, Patricia J. (McCord)
12/10/1961Carter, Ray C.
6/25/1917Carter, Robert MorrisObituary Source AvailableCemetery Info Available
6/28/1917Carter, Robert Morris
3/29/1901Carter, Roccella A. (Mrs. Alexander Carter, Jr.)Obituary Source Available
7/14/1960Carter, Roe F.
7/13/1913Carter, Sir O Dion (Sardian)Obituary Source Available
3/19/1913Carter, Sylvia Ann, 9 mo.
3/16/1922Carter, Thomas MarionCemetery Info Available
3/12/1925Carter, Viola
3/29/1987Carter, W DouglasCemetery Info Available
5/22/1928Carter, Walter ScottObituary Source AvailableCemetery Info Available
2/24/1966Carter, William
6/5/1902Carter, William B.
7/3/1913Carter, William MarionObituary Source Available
7/3/1913Carter, William Marion
3/17/1913Carter, Zoe Silvia AnnaObituary Source AvailableCemetery Info Available
3/7/2014Cartwright, Richard M (Dick)
3/18/1995Caruso, Allison Jo (Wallace)
12/21/2003Caruso, Marianna (Kirk)
10/1/1996Caruso, Robert R.
1/12/1922Carver, James Edgar
12/22/1991Case, Alphus
4/4/1963Case, Delpha Aletha (Ingram)
10/2/1976Case, Doris Audet (Reyzlik)
3/6/1989Case, Francis Alvin
5/5/1929Case, Fred
3/28/1982Case, Gertrude Ellen
8/2/2007Case, Leola Marie (Rasmussen)
5/23/1974Case, Mabel
1/5/1915Case, Samuel E., Sr.
5/24/1928Case, Samuel Jr.
5/18/1928Case, Samuel, Jr.
12/22/2009Case, Walter Edward (Eddie)
10/19/1981Casey, Candice R., infant
9/10/1984Casey, Lillian M. (Hansen)
1/22/1985Casey, Lloyd C.
9/1/1984Casey, Luzetta Josephine, infant
3/17/2007Casey, Pearl H. (Carlson)
2/9/1994Casey, Ralph
5/3/1971Casey, Ray H.
5/28/1908Cashman, H. C.
12/30/1977Casper, Edna (Call)
7/24/1914Casselman, Old Soldier
12/21/1912Castetter, Frances MObituary Source AvailableCemetery Info Available
4/26/1923Castle, Fanne, Mrs.Obituary Source AvailableCemetery Info Available
10/23/2013Cates, Dale R
7/1/1943Cathro, Robert R (Seaman Second Class)Obituary Source Available
4/21/2006Caughey, Helen K. (Fauble)
N/ACauldwell, Florence
1/1/1983Cavender, Josephine
4/14/2007Cemer, Cheryl Ann (Preville)
4/18/2009Cemer, Donna C. (Hisel)Obituary Source AvailableCemetery Info Available
6/6/1986Cemer, Mary Emma (Terrell)
5/29/2003Cemer, Samuel F., Jr.
6/6/1981Cemer, Samuel, Sr.
12/25/1998Cemer, Tyler Joe, infant
7/16/2011Chadwick, Elizabeth JObituary Source Available
N/AChamberlain, Anna B.
8/26/1962Chamberlain, Clarence
10/23/1918Chamberlain, Frank (Private)Obituary Source Available
2/12/2005Chamberlain, Gerald E.
9/20/1991Chamberlain, Leo
3/7/1923Chamberlain, Tillie (Franke)Obituary Source Available
6/16/2010Chamberlin, Barbara Jean (Kronberg)
9/3/2001Chamberlin, Clyde E.
3/23/1982Chamberlin, Florence Gladys (Detwiler)
4/27/1911Chamberlin, Howard
6/18/2001Chamberlin, Lloyd Austin (Lucky)
3/25/1984Chamberlin, Virgil E.
10/17/1918Chambers, Alberta (Cheely)
7/14/1989Chambers, Bertha (Moore)
1/16/1987Chambers, Gayle W. (Whitney)
1/2/1930Chambers, Gertrude E. (Mrs. S. W.)
1/19/1964Chambers, Lloyd
2/25/2009Chambers, S.W. "Bill"Obituary Source Available
12/20/1945Chambers, Samuel WObituary Source AvailableCemetery Info Available
2/2/1990Champ, Delmar W.
7/8/1976Champion, Edna (Olsen)
11/17/1985Champoux, Ronald F.
4/13/2000Chandler, Doris L. Reisen (Fuller)
12/19/1999Chandler, Lillie Elizabeth Wells (Kuhlmann)
4/13/1925Chapin, Arthur T.
6/7/1911Chapin, Charles
8/15/1974Chapin, Martha
6/20/1983Chapin, Violet (Decker)
6/29/2004Chaplin, Gene W.
6/27/1970Chapman, Berrie
7/11/2008Chapman, Clarion V.
3/23/1978Chapman, Donald A.
6/27/1992Chapman, Goldie Enna (Fletcher)
12/19/1917Chapman, Hame
6/10/2011Chapman, Jack DObituary Source AvailableCemetery Info Available
6/10/1986Chapman, Jane (Pagan)
6/4/2011Chapman, Lilyan H (Hindley)Obituary Source AvailableCemetery Info Available
3/21/1923Chapman, Mathilda Jane (Trisler)Obituary Source Available
1/1/2999Chapman, Mildred Tyson (
7/21/1980Chapman, Mildred Tyson (Baker)
1/1/2999Chapman, Mildred Tyson (Baker)
1/16/1916Chapman, Samantha
7/5/1928Chapman, William
1/12/1985Chappelear, Mayme (Bremer)
3/4/2013Chappelear, William F (Bill) Jr
5/16/1985Chard, Elsie (Stevens)
8/19/1994Charette, Susan Jean (Syer)
3/9/1992Charles, Elsie LaVange (Hughes)
3/23/2014Charles, James Brian (Jim)
11/15/1987Charlot, Doris J. (Rogers)
10/23/1964Charlot, Hulda Sophie
7/10/1968Charlot, Ruth Elaine
10/21/1976Charlot, William Howard
6/15/2008Charron, Ella
12/18/1990Chase, Floyd
6/1/1976Chase, Harold L.
6/22/1980Chase, James
12/3/1977Chase, Lena J.
2/26/2011Chatt, Robert DonObituary Source Available
4/23/1924Cheely, Nancy Lenora (Jewell)Obituary Source AvailableCemetery Info Available
2/1/1917Cheely, Robert WrenObituary Source AvailableCemetery Info Available
7/21/1924Cheely, William Jr.
11/8/1924Cheely, William R.
10/15/1990Chenaille, Francis Joseph (Frank)
2/17/1995Chenaille, Frank Edward
10/28/1913Cheney, Harvey
11/21/1912Chenoweth, Peter S.
3/4/1989Chermok, Luella Gertrude (Lively)
3/8/1972Cherney, Kenneth M.
6/29/2003Cherryholmes, Arlene Alice (York)
5/4/1994Cheshek, Cora L.
12/13/2002Chesson, Cash, infant
5/7/2004Chevrier, Alvina M. (Albracht)
2/18/1960Chew, Ray
4/7/2014Chickinell, Mary Evelyn (Cronan)
2/20/1924Child, Eveline
2/13/1997Childers, Raymond W. (Buck)
5/21/2007Choate, Myrna Coleen (Winstead)
1/29/1915Chrisantoes, Florence (Terro)
12/27/2007Chrisman, Maria Laura de Chrisman (Vidal)
12/25/1994Christ, Ella (Kjeldgaard)
11/7/1994Christ, Ervin A.
11/1/2002Christ, Evelyn C. (Gosker)
2/10/2014Christ, Gene Paul
12/23/1990Christ, Glenn H.
3/22/1994Christ, Harold F.
1/27/1984Christ, Hattie E. (Wilder)
2/26/1915Christ, Joseph
2/26/1915Christ, Joseph
10/11/2006Christ, May V. (Wolff)
3/30/1964Christ, Otto L.
10/22/1923Christ, Sena (Hansen)Obituary Source Available
9/12/2013Christell, Myrtle (Larsen)
7/9/1991Christensen, Alexa Marie
2/16/1956Christensen, AlfredObituary Source AvailableCemetery Info Available
2/21/1981Christensen, Alfred C.Obituary Source AvailableCemetery Info Available
4/2/1994Christensen, Alice L. (Matzen)
6/9/1966Christensen, Alma Lenora (Platz)
1/19/1919Christensen, Anders
4/18/1966Christensen, Anna Marie (Anderson)
4/8/1912Christensen, Anna Marie (Hansen)
8/15/1963Christensen, Annie Mary (Pate)
5/22/1966Christensen, Anton
3/8/2011Christensen, Ardyce (Kanter)
12/18/1994Christensen, Arlene J. (Nelson)
10/25/1983Christensen, Birgithe (Kudsk)
5/21/2004Christensen, Carl L.
8/22/1981Christensen, Carrie Augusta (Matzen)
5/31/1972Christensen, Catherine W. (Voss)
3/5/1994Christensen, Cecile
3/3/2014Christensen, Charles AxelObituary Source AvailableCemetery Info Available
11/11/1977Christensen, Charles P
4/16/1942Christensen, Chris
12/29/1954Christensen, Chris W.
2/4/1915Christensen, Christian
3/16/2005Christensen, Christian A.
12/18/1963Christensen, Clarence
11/18/1998Christensen, Clarence J.
4/19/1996Christensen, Dallas Gene
6/12/2001Christensen, Darla K. (Brandon)
1/27/1993Christensen, Delbert Lee
3/7/1967Christensen, Della Lavina (Lake)
12/9/1978Christensen, Donald P.
9/3/1970Christensen, E. C., Mrs.
8/27/2001Christensen, Earl A.
3/3/1979Christensen, Edna Winifred (Yowell)
8/8/1937Christensen, Elizabeth J. (Mrs. John G.)
3/15/1983Christensen, Elmer W.
3/11/1974Christensen, Emil
3/19/1988Christensen, Eric, Rev.
3/11/1908Christensen, ErikObituary Source AvailableCemetery Info Available
10/6/1995Christensen, Esther A. (Hansen)
7/5/1942Christensen, Eugene R (2nd Lieutenant Army Air Force)
12/17/1959Christensen, George Martin
4/19/2007Christensen, Gerald E. (G. E.)
4/20/1989Christensen, Glenn A. Sr.
6/1/1909Christensen, Hans
8/14/1952Christensen, Hans Ed
11/13/1988Christensen, Hans P.
11/14/1936Christensen, Hans Peter
5/10/1992Christensen, Harlan C.
11/27/1985Christensen, Harold James
8/15/1989Christensen, Harold EObituary Source AvailableCemetery Info Available
5/29/1993Christensen, Harry M.
8/14/1975Christensen, Harry W.
3/3/1982Christensen, Henrietta (Gottsch)
5/16/1996Christensen, Henry L.
3/14/2000Christensen, Howard Leslie
11/14/1941Christensen, Ida (Mrs. Chris Christensen)
9/14/1950Christensen, Inez Evelyn (Christensen)
1/1/1931Christensen, infant son, Chris Christensen
8/2/1987Christensen, Inger (Knudsen)
2/19/1993Christensen, Ingrid Marie
4/15/2004Christensen, Irma C. (Nelson)
5/23/2004Christensen, Irma Lorraine (Nelson)
4/29/1921Christensen, J. TinusObituary Source AvailableCemetery Info Available
8/14/1913Christensen, James
8/12/1913Christensen, James E.
11/24/2012Christensen, James Lyle
8/12/1963Christensen, Jens Anton
10/28/1964Christensen, Jens Peter
8/10/1944Christensen, Johanna Christine (Carlson)
10/21/1951Christensen, Jorgen P. (J.P.)
11/5/1942Christensen, Karen Rose
10/24/1963Christensen, Karen Margrethe (Hansen)
3/2/1962Christensen, Karl
2/29/1964Christensen, Karl Jr.
9/17/1976Christensen, Karl M.
2/2/2008Christensen, Kenneth H.
2/28/1987Christensen, Kenneth L.
5/25/1950Christensen, Kreston Torville (K. T.)
5/3/1951Christensen, Kristina Marie
12/13/1996Christensen, Leonard
11/21/1997Christensen, Leora B. (Epperson)
11/10/1984Christensen, Lillian Marie (Florian)
4/7/1989Christensen, Lois Irene (Hansen)
9/3/2004Christensen, Louella Elvina (Suverkrubbe)
4/15/1925Christensen, Louis
10/10/1957Christensen, Louis A.
7/13/1994Christensen, Louise (Roos)
12/30/1961Christensen, Louise J. (Hansen)
10/21/1977Christensen, Lowell W.
1/17/1992Christensen, Lydia Lily (Witte)
6/6/1928Christensen, Maren (Knudsen)
2/11/1932Christensen, Margaret
9/13/1951Christensen, Margaret (Jonasen)
4/3/2007Christensen, Margaret E. (Ryckman)
11/15/2002Christensen, Margaret (Rahlfs)Obituary Source AvailableCemetery Info Available
9/14/2004Christensen, Margaret Bernice (Jones)
4/19/1962Christensen, Marie
1/16/1998Christensen, Marjorie Grace (Jansen)
5/24/1925Christensen, MaryObituary Source AvailableCemetery Info Available
6/30/2008Christensen, Mary A. (Hager)
7/20/1999Christensen, Mary Elizabeth
3/15/1965Christensen, Merrill R. Sr.Obituary Source Available
5/13/2000Christensen, Meta Elizabeth (Japp)
4/4/2012Christensen, Mildred Jean (Labs)
5/31/1971Christensen, Minnie C. (Fuhrman)
7/4/1970Christensen, Morris
6/24/1975Christensen, Mrs. Loui (Ann Larsen)
6/14/1928Christensen, Mrs. C. M.
7/4/1968Christensen, Myrtle Viola (Hovendick)
2/22/2000Christensen, Neils P.
11/7/1957Christensen, Nels P.
8/1/1971Christensen, Niels E
8/22/2013Christensen, Oliver Earl (Bud)
3/20/1965Christensen, Otto W
12/21/2009Christensen, Peggy L. (Hall)
6/25/1979Christensen, Pete, Jr.
9/20/1972Christensen, Peter
12/23/1928Christensen, Peter C.
4/18/1950Christensen, Peter JohnObituary Source AvailableCemetery Info Available
1/28/2015Christensen, RaymondObituary Source Available
3/27/2015Christensen, RaymondObituary Source Available
9/4/1958Christensen, Robert
3/7/1964Christensen, Ronald GObituary Source AvailableCemetery Info Available
6/26/1962Christensen, Rosalie
1/29/1982Christensen, Rose Ann (Boettger)
5/9/1967Christensen, Roy
10/28/1989Christensen, Roy
4/1/2013Christensen, Ruberta
5/17/1994Christensen, Rue Elaine (Matzen)
11/8/2009Christensen, Ruth M. (Nielsen)Obituary Source AvailableCemetery Info Available
6/2/1915Christensen, Samuel
4/5/2013Christensen, Sigrid (Siggy)
12/29/2013Christensen, Steven C (Pete)Obituary Source AvailableCemetery Info Available
9/26/2000Christensen, Tage I.
7/4/1994Christensen, Timothy C.
6/1/1987Christensen, Victor
8/6/1996Christensen, Violet H. (Hansen)
2/5/1964Christensen, William A.
8/19/1974Christensen, William Peter
6/14/1928Christenson, C.M., Mrs.
4/2/1992Christenson, Emery Lloyd
3/19/1994Christenson, Robert Nels
7/7/1968Christenson, Thelma
12/14/1964Christiansen, Andre (Doney)
9/26/1970Christiansen, Andrew
4/18/1968Christiansen, AntonCemetery Info Available
12/25/1970Christiansen, Beryle (Linwood)
12/25/1970Christiansen, Beryle (Parson)
10/10/2002Christiansen, Betty (Rasmussen)
12/18/1972Christiansen, Calvin
10/15/1989Christiansen, Calvin E.
7/11/1992Christiansen, Carl
4/11/1970Christiansen, ChrisCemetery Info Available
1/1/1900Christiansen, Chris
3/13/1898Christiansen, Christian Robert, age 6Obituary Source AvailableCemetery Info Available
10/21/1967Christiansen, Christian William (Slim)
10/27/1922Christiansen, Christiana (Petersen)
11/16/2006Christiansen, EugeneObituary Source AvailableCemetery Info Available
2/20/1953Christiansen, Francis F.
10/31/1913Christiansen, Fred, Mrs. (Rasmussen)
4/3/1913Christiansen, Grandma
4/17/1931Christiansen, Guralta (Updike)
4/26/1985Christiansen, Hannah Sophie (Kunnemann)
8/2/1911Christiansen, Hans
2/8/1960Christiansen, HazelObituary Source AvailableCemetery Info Available
7/10/2000Christiansen, Hazel Mae (Jahnel)
5/9/1962Christiansen, Hilda (Skov)
10/25/1969Christiansen, Inger
12/7/2009Christiansen, Ivan D.Obituary Source Available
3/14/1947Christiansen, Jens P.Cemetery Info Available
7/20/1997Christiansen, Jens (Jack)
11/16/2006Christiansen, Joan (Cameron)Obituary Source AvailableCemetery Info Available
7/4/1987Christiansen, Judith O. (Johnson)
3/29/1914Christiansen, Julius
2/7/1988Christiansen, K. V. (Whitey)
5/20/1969Christiansen, Lillie Dorothy (Hansen)
1/26/1990Christiansen, Marjorie Wakefield (Fletcher)
12/29/1912Christiansen, Martha
9/19/1986Christiansen, Martha Anna Marie (Koch)
5/22/1976Christiansen, Mary Elizabeth (Betty Stewart)
5/22/1976Christiansen, Mary Elizabeth (Betty) (Stewart)Cemetery Info Available
4/19/1911Christiansen, Minnie (Matthiesen)
1/31/1906Christiansen, NielsObituary Source Available
4/15/1924Christiansen, Niels X.
3/31/1966Christiansen, P. J. (Dr.)
8/26/2011Christiansen, Paul JurgenObituary Source Available
5/27/1916Christiansen, Pearl, age 13
12/18/1961Christiansen, Pete
9/20/1916Christiansen, Petra (Petersen)
6/14/1948Christiansen, Petrine
12/5/1987Christiansen, Rose (Wiese)
12/31/1983Christiansen, Vernon
8/12/1915Christiansen, Virgil Walter, 2 yrs.
1/24/1968Christiansen, Walter Peter
10/12/1964Christiansen, William James Robert
4/21/1915Christianson, ChrisObituary Source Available
5/2/1982Christianson, Dale L.
12/11/2013Christopher, John (DeChristofaro)
7/4/2012Chubick, Robert Junior
9/18/1994Clague, Georgia A. (Young)
6/25/1942Clark, CaraObituary Source AvailableCemetery Info Available
10/30/2007Clark, Charles LewisObituary Source AvailableCemetery Info Available
3/19/1891Clark, David, Mrs.Obituary Source Available
10/27/1990Clark, Dorothy (Hopkins)
11/27/1917Clark, E. H., Mrs.
4/9/1906Clark, Elias HicksObituary Source AvailableCemetery Info Available
5/18/1905Clark, FredObituary Source AvailableCemetery Info Available
6/3/1914Clark, H. G., Mrs.Obituary Source Available
9/27/1980Clark, Harland L.Obituary Source AvailableCemetery Info Available
4/7/1938Clark, Harry D.Obituary Source Available
4/23/1936Clark, Henry (Ray)Obituary Source AvailableCemetery Info Available
8/6/2009Clark, James E.Obituary Source Available
3/30/1894Clark, LizzieObituary Source AvailableCemetery Info Available
11/24/2010Clark, Lois C (Penner)Obituary Source AvailableCemetery Info Available
10/31/1945Clark, Margaret (Banister)Obituary Source Available
2/28/1992Clark, Mildred L. (Hansen)
12/3/1996Clark, Mildred M. (Campbell)Obituary Source AvailableCemetery Info Available
9/1/1972Clark, Nellie E.Obituary Source AvailableCemetery Info Available
8/29/1984Clark, Perry LutherCemetery Info Available
5/10/2002Clark, Richard AllenObituary Source Available
7/21/2009Clark, RolandObituary Source Available
7/21/2009Clark, Roland N. “Rollie”Obituary Source Available
8/7/1996Clark, Roy
9/22/1898Clarkson, Harry H (Infantry)Obituary Source AvailableCemetery Info Available
10/4/2006Clarkson, LaVerne J.Obituary Source AvailableCemetery Info Available
5/24/2014Clary, Caroline (Christensen)
5/21/2010Clary, Harold R.Obituary Source AvailableCemetery Info Available
2/2/2015Clary, James R. (Jim)Obituary Source Available
8/11/2011Clary, Susan KObituary Source Available
10/20/1915Claus, Chris, Mrs.Obituary Source Available
10/19/1969Clausen, Arthur W.Obituary Source AvailableCemetery Info Available
4/18/1918Clausen, Axel M.Obituary Source AvailableCemetery Info Available
6/27/1915Clausen, ChristianObituary Source AvailableCemetery Info Available
3/17/1938Clausen, ClausObituary Source Available
4/21/1964Clausen, Edgar C.Obituary Source AvailableCemetery Info Available
1/8/1972Clausen, Evelyn (Murphy)Obituary Source AvailableCemetery Info Available
10/27/1981Clausen, Falke R.Obituary Source AvailableCemetery Info Available
1/10/1972Clausen, Falke, Mrs.Obituary Source Available
5/13/2012Clausen, Georgia
1/9/1988Clausen, Georgia G. (Buckingham)Cemetery Info Available
5/27/1990Clausen, Gordon DaleCemetery Info Available
12/26/1936Clausen, HarryObituary Source AvailableCemetery Info Available
10/18/1981Clausen, Howard T.Obituary Source AvailableCemetery Info Available
4/2/1946Clausen, Irene (Jacobson)Obituary Source AvailableCemetery Info Available
8/3/1961Clausen, JoleneObituary Source Available
12/10/1980Clausen, Mayme B.Obituary Source AvailableCemetery Info Available
10/20/1904Clausen, Mrs.Obituary Source AvailableCemetery Info Available
4/20/1980Clausen, Ralph E.Obituary Source AvailableCemetery Info Available
12/8/1934Clausen, SamObituary Source AvailableCemetery Info Available
9/15/1915Clausen/Clauson, ElsieObituary Source AvailableCemetery Info Available
4/17/1918Clausen/Claussen, AxelObituary Source AvailableCemetery Info Available
9/15/1915Clauson, Elsie, Mrs.Obituary Source AvailableCemetery Info Available
6/27/1915Claussen, ChristianObituary Source AvailableCemetery Info Available
9/22/1915Claussen, Christian, Mrs.Obituary Source AvailableCemetery Info Available
11/15/2009Claussen, GregoryObituary Source Available
5/29/1998Claxton, Dale Dewain
11/30/1945Clayborn, ElmerObituary Source AvailableCemetery Info Available
12/9/1918Claycomb, Emeline J. (Burgess)Obituary Source AvailableCemetery Info Available
3/12/1964Claymon, John H.Obituary Source Available
5/23/1994Cleaver, Ariel Marie (Sorensen)Cemetery Info Available
3/10/1960Cleaver, CharlesObituary Source AvailableCemetery Info Available
8/25/1992Cleaver, Durrell Olga (Brown)Cemetery Info Available
1/9/1929Cleaver, Hugh, age 16
3/3/1991Cleaver, James David
12/16/1974Clem, Vinetta Lillian (Nita)Obituary Source AvailableCemetery Info Available
2/20/2009Clements, Adalaine (Miller)Obituary Source Available
7/5/1978Clements, Claude E.Obituary Source AvailableCemetery Info Available
6/5/1992Clements, Ervin E.Cemetery Info Available
5/15/2004Clements, Eugene R (Snowy)Obituary Source AvailableCemetery Info Available
12/7/2003Clements, Genelle A. (Schott)Obituary Source Available
6/10/2004Clements, Geraldine (Magill)Obituary Source AvailableCemetery Info Available
3/2/1890Clements, HarryObituary Source AvailableCemetery Info Available
5/4/1966Clements, HurlieObituary Source AvailableCemetery Info Available
3/6/1992Clements, Irene (Lowe)Cemetery Info Available
9/18/2010Clements, LibertyObituary Source AvailableCemetery Info Available
9/18/2010Clements, Liberty Marie (Eriksen)Obituary Source AvailableCemetery Info Available
5/23/1974Clements, Mabel (Follen)Obituary Source AvailableCemetery Info Available
3/8/1969Clements, Milo Dean (Specialist 4 Army)Obituary Source AvailableCemetery Info Available
3/5/1961Clements, Myrle (French)Obituary Source AvailableCemetery Info Available
2/7/1965Clements, NeilObituary Source Available
7/10/1947Clements, Nellie (Yowell)Obituary Source Available
8/27/1951Clements, Richard DaleObituary Source AvailableCemetery Info Available
4/16/2005Clements, Roger L.Obituary Source Available
12/26/2002Clements, Vernon E.Obituary Source AvailableCemetery Info Available
12/15/1998Clements, Virgil Gerald
11/10/1971Cleveland, I. L.Obituary Source Available
5/18/1970Cline, Frank B.Obituary Source AvailableCemetery Info Available
9/9/1981Cline, Leota (Husselton)Obituary Source AvailableCemetery Info Available
11/6/1975Cline, Violette (Larsen)Obituary Source AvailableCemetery Info Available
4/29/1995Cloudt, Madeline M. (Bena)
10/16/2013Clough, Roger A (Bud)
10/16/2013Clough, Roger A (Bud) Ed. D.
10/25/1936Clow, L. H.Obituary Source Available
4/18/2008Coad, Bernice E. (Sommers)Obituary Source Available
6/6/1992Coburn, Jack A. Sr.
8/2/2009Coburn, Jack Albert Jr.Obituary Source Available
10/18/1901Cochran, Annie E.
10/23/1978Cochran, Inez E.Obituary Source Available
8/25/2007Cochran, Janice M. (Peterson)Obituary Source Available
4/25/1960Cochran, JayObituary Source Available
3/8/1897Cochran, John P.Obituary Source Available
9/6/1911Cochran, LucyObituary Source AvailableCemetery Info Available
2/9/1988Cochran, Merril
3/5/2008Cochran, Thomas RoyObituary Source AvailableCemetery Info Available
3/19/1988Cochran, Valura (Huff)
N/ACochran, W. F.
5/10/1916Cochran, William TempleObituary Source Available
3/16/1991Coday, James R.
10/14/2007Cody, Patrick D.Obituary Source Available
12/5/2012Coe, Dean C
6/5/2000Coe, Marvin Lee (Skip)
5/16/1999Coe, Mary CatherineCemetery Info Available
8/20/1996Coffee, Christopher M.
12/28/1993Coffee, Russell E.Cemetery Info Available
9/18/2005Coffee, Ruth (Rich)Obituary Source AvailableCemetery Info Available
1/29/2005Coffey, Dora Ann (Heath)Obituary Source AvailableCemetery Info Available
3/6/1973Coffey, MaxObituary Source AvailableCemetery Info Available
10/10/1960Coffin, Lily P.Obituary Source AvailableCemetery Info Available
9/19/2009Coffman, BillObituary Source Available
7/2/2010Coglizer, Gary E.Obituary Source Available
12/17/2000Cole, Orval CarmichaelCemetery Info Available
2/29/1932Cole, Stella Maude (Brown)Obituary Source AvailableCemetery Info Available
10/9/1923Cole, W. P.Obituary Source Available
11/8/2014Coleman, Erika Eleonore
6/8/1935Coley, George W.
10/4/1931Coley, Ida Marie (Marquart)
4/29/2014Colgan, Denny L
2/6/2013Collingwood, Marjorie May (Miller)
2/26/2015Collingwood, William (Bill)Obituary Source AvailableCemetery Info Available
12/28/1968Collins, Daniel DennisCemetery Info Available
3/5/1914Collins, Soren
11/25/2013Colon, Mary D (Crawford)(Brumfield)(Tindee)
4/28/1945Compton, Durant A.Obituary Source Available
11/13/1918Compton, John A.
5/27/2012Compton, Marshall (Ty) R.
7/4/1918Condit, Henry
10/18/1971Condry, Marjorie (French)Obituary Source Available
5/23/1955Conety, Abbie (Sheets) TysonObituary Source AvailableCemetery Info Available
1/1/2014Conety, Brian DObituary Source Available
10/3/1966Conety, James SObituary Source AvailableCemetery Info Available
4/14/2013Connick, Kenneth L
9/17/2004Conrad, Lila M (Svendgard)
7/31/2013Constantinou, Dean
1/14/2014Conway, Bonnie Glea (Guy)
2/15/2009Cook, Annabel “Billie” (Davis)Obituary Source AvailableCemetery Info Available
12/23/1928Cook, Eugene M.
1/3/2013Cook, Howard M
7/3/1922Cook, Joseph SObituary Source AvailableCemetery Info Available
4/4/2014Cook, Kathrine(Rosenkilde) (Cutchall)
5/25/1923Cook, Lucy (McMullin)Obituary Source Available
7/17/1991Cook, Regina (Ahlmeyer) (Walkenhorst)
2/27/1998Cooley, Trudy Lynn (Stricklett) Mellinger ParsonsObituary Source AvailableCemetery Info Available
1/9/2015Cooper, George (Frank)Obituary Source AvailableCemetery Info Available
8/29/2014Cooper, Madeline Rose (Reyzlik)
3/1/1935Cooper, Parmelia Frances (Pennington)
10/30/1924Cornelius, Fred
10/16/2013Cornish, James E
6/2/2009Costantinou, Cindy Sue (Young)Obituary Source Available
4/27/2010Cotton, Maude J. (Brown)Obituary Source Available
7/8/2005Coufal, Leonard FObituary Source Available
9/12/1976Cowing, Harold L.
11/14/2013Cox, Beverly J (Hennings)
6/10/1963Cox, Bruce R.
11/27/2012Cox, Max D
11/21/1913Craig, AllenObituary Source AvailableCemetery Info Available
6/3/2014Craig, Floyd
1/2/1923Cram, Emma A. (Bailey)Obituary Source AvailableCemetery Info Available
8/30/1943Cram, John (Lieutenant Army Air Corps)Obituary Source Available
10/27/1960Cramer, Grace S.
11/23/2011Cramer, James AustinObituary Source AvailableCemetery Info Available
11/23/2011Cramer, James AustinObituary Source Available
3/28/1928Cramer, Marian (Carter)Obituary Source AvailableCemetery Info Available
2/24/2012Cramton, Joyce (Fitch)
11/21/2008Crannell, Gordon P., Jr.
2/21/2014Crider, Larry DeanObituary Source Available
10/8/1924Crist, C. E.
12/9/2005Crist, Hilda L. (Barton)
N/ACristensen, A., Mrs.
3/13/2013Critchfield, RuthAnn (Neuman)
5/11/1939Crowdy, A. J. "Jack"
12/2/1954Crowdy, Clara Frances (Pierce)
4/9/1936Crowdy, Ray
5/6/1943Crowell, Christopher, Jr.
N/ACrowell, Edwin F.Obituary Source AvailableCemetery Info Available
3/30/1929Cruickshank, Isabella (Poulson)Obituary Source AvailableCemetery Info Available
5/26/1925Cruickshank, James A (A.J.)Obituary Source AvailableCemetery Info Available
7/26/2006Crumb, James AObituary Source AvailableCemetery Info Available
3/18/2013Culbertson, Robert Thomas
4/30/1993Cummings, Karen Ellen (Hunter)Obituary Source AvailableCemetery Info Available
12/6/2009Cunningham, Russell D.Obituary Source AvailableCemetery Info Available
12/13/1922Curley, Robert
10/17/1918Currier, Roland Leroy (Fireman 1st Class U.S. Navy)Obituary Source AvailableCemetery Info Available
11/22/1960Curtis, Edith E. (Sutherland)
10/21/1918Curtis, Kenneth Albert (U.S. Navy)Obituary Source Available
1/2/1929Cushman, Nancy Jane (Clark)
9/8/2010Cushman, Rex RichardObituary Source Available
9/8/2010Cushman, Rex RichardObituary Source Available